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Amazing weekend

24 Oct

It was a super busy, yet super fun weekend! On Saturday, we got up and made some homemade waffles… we haven’t done that since we lived in the apartment! Then Jonathan attached the new bike rack that he got for his birthday (it was a joint effort by me, my parents, and his parents!). Verdict: he likes it!  While he was attaching that to the ET, we found a snake in our yard! Here’s a picture of the little guy:

Then we drove out to Ulta in Illinois (it took us 45 minutes) on a quest for nail polish and hot rollers.  While we were out that way, we biked along a trail that Jonathan frequently bikes with our friend, Daniel. They usually start on the MO side and bike all the way out there and then some. We just did about 6 miles on the trail out in Illinois. It was pretty and I hope we bike it again!

After that, we got a pizza and had a late lunch/early dinner, and watched a movie. Then, we went downtown to hear the Gin Blossoms play. That’s a link to my favorite song by them. You might notice that that song was copyrighted in 1992. Almost 20 years ago.  So they are pretty old now, but they played a good show!  Then Jonathan and I decided to play some penny slots since we were at a casino…. (mostly we wanted free sodas…) . We took ten dollars, and came out 7.54 ahead. Thats a 75.4% return on investment. Not too shabby.

On Sunday, we had a nice, relaxing, easy day. I spent the morning catching up on my couponing, and then I put that nail polish we bought on Saturday to good use:

Jonathan and I also made dum-dum ghosts! I used to make these with my grandfather when I lived in South Carolina:

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Today starts our weight loss competition and a new, productive, less-tv-watching Magee family.  I hope!


Return from Chicago and a Fun Saturday

22 Oct

I made it back around midnight last night. Thursday/Friday felt like one intensely long day. I got out of my exam at 1 on Thursday, and boarded the bus to Chicago. Since I had an exam from 11:30-1, and the bus left right after, I did not have a chance to get lunch. Maybe it was bad planning on my part, but I’m usually a speedy test taker, so I thought I’d get out atleast five minutes early and have time to run by Einstein’s and get a sandwich. It didn’t happen.

We got to the hotel around7:30. Let me tell you, this was one gigantic and expensive hotel. I had planned on just finding something to eat nearby, but there was nothing within a block of the hotel and there was no way I was walking around Chicago in the cold and dark alone and without a jacket. Again, probably poor planning on my part, not bringing a jacket.  The room service menu was insane. I had expected it to be expensive, but it was going to cost me almost 40 dollars to get a warm meal! What’s up with that?

So I ordered in Chinese, and it was so delicious. Amazingly delicious. Then I went to sleep early and woke up early, and took my sweet time getting ready in the morning. The fair didn’t start until ten, so I showered, let my hair air dry, and watched Smallville. This was actually excellent planning on my part, because I had intended to actually dry my hair, but the act of using the provided dryer in the hotel shorted the bathroom lights and power, and I couldn’t use the dryer anymore.  Good thing I am such a morning person and had given myself three hours to get ready!

The job fair was good. I got one interview for a position in DC. Sorry, Laurel, but Whirlpool did not seem very interested in me at all … 😦  That was a bummer, because I had been very excited about them! Most of the St Louis companies at the fair were like… “We’ve already done our Wash U recruitment.” So that was dead end city for the most part also. But I have about 7 good leads. Most of them require following up in the spring. (One of the leads is a St. Louis or Cincinnati based position, and either would work out because St. Louis is here, of course, and Cincy is really close to mine and Jonathan’s parents.)

Anyway, I am not sure if it was worth the nearly 300 dollars I spent to be there… stupid hotel that cost over 200 dollars… but it was actually a pretty good time and I made some good contacts. So if I ignore expenses, it was a good experience!

But boy! Am I worn out! And of course I didn’t manage to sleep in today.

When I got in, Jonathan had beautiful fall-colored flowers on the kitchen table, and in an old heart shaped chocolate box, he had put two tickets to see the Gin Blossoms tonight! I am very excited!

We are also making a field trip out to Illinois to go to Ulta to buy necessary beauty supplies, and maybe… maybe go biking.

Last thing on our agenda for today is to eat pizza and watch movies. Our small group weight loss contest starts tomorrow, so this may be the last bite of pizza I take for quite some time! Mmmmm pizza!

So that’s the plan for today! I still need to decide what class to drop before the new miniterm begins on Monday, and do homework for Monday. So I’ve got some work to do too!


Middle of the Night Pajama Party

19 Oct

I have a lot going on right now, between exams and recruitment. Frequently, when I have so much going on, I have trouble sleeping. And last night, at the last minute, Jonathan and I decided to change travel plans for Chicago this weekend… we figured out that I could, in fact, take the charter bus with my classmates and it would save us money if I did that versus him and I driving up separately. (We had originally thought that the bus departure would be earlier, and I have an exam that gets out at 1.) The bus is actually going to load at 1 and leave at 1:15. So, I spent a lot of time and energy last night trying to get last minute travel arrangements set. I still don’t have a hotel room, but I’m going to take care of that tonight!

Anyway, worrying about all of these details, and getting ready for the conference while studying for my exam tomorrow made me a very restless sleeper last night!  Around 3 am, I was tossing and turning and tossing and turning, and finally Jonathan suggested that we go to the living room with our pillows and blankets, turn on the tv, and have somewhat of a pajama party in the livingroom!

Unfortunately, we turned on a show that ended up being way more interesting than usual…. it was the Halloween episode of Chopped. So we didn’t fall asleep as fast as we thought we would. But, it was really fun!

Now I’m mondo tired and I’m going to have to down a five hour energy right before my exam!

It’s Been Six Months??

18 Oct

Oh geez! Where did the time go?

Here are the highlights:


I went to Charlottesville for Mindy’s wedding and to hang out with the fabulous Jill Stephens.

Sasha and Jill at Mindy's wedding


Jonathan got his wisdom teeth out, poor guy. His face was swollen for a long time. A lot of my friends graduated. Jonathan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in Nashville and Gatlinburg! I’ll write a separate post about that later.

Sasha and Jonathan at 808 Grille in Nashville, Tn

Jonathan standing on an outlook over Gatlinburg.


Alysha graduated from OSU! I started my internship.


We spent the 4th of July weekend in St. Joseph, MI with Ben and Laurel! It was great to see where they are living, and to go to a beach again!! I also won tickets to see Montgomery Gentry downtown so Jonathan and I saw them on the actual 4th of July and saw fireworks in St. Louis.


I spent a week in Johnson City with my mom and dad! That was a lot of fun. We ate out a lot a lot!  And my mom bought me some kickin’ cowboy boots! I also spent a night in Columbus hanging out with Alysha, also a lot of fun!


We spent Labor Day in Oklahoma! We got to see Jonathan’s sisters and their babies! Monika and I were awesome at charades, and the kids were adorable, as usual! I also started class, boo.  Jonathan’s birthday was the 30th of September, and we went on a birthday camping trip with our small group.  We did the same camping trip last year, and it was a joint celebration of Jonathan’s birthday and our friend, Ben’s birthday.

Jonathan and Ben next to their birthday sign!

Jonathan with his birthday pumpkin cupcakes that Laurel and I made!


It’s been a busy month already! We were camping the first weekend. This past weekend was my fall break, so we drove to Atlanta for my friend, Betsy’s, wedding.  We stayed with my friend Emily, and a bunch of my friends who graduated in May were in town also. Basically, it was an epic reunion of people from several different phases of life!  The wedding was really beautiful, and Emily and Zack were really great hosts!

This coming weekend we’ll be in Chicago for a career fair.


Anyway, on an unrelated note, I was going through old livejournal posts, and it was so much fun to be reminded of all the things I did and thought back then! So, I am going to try to keep up better on blogging!

I also have tons more pictures, but they are all on facebook. So if you want to see more pictures, check them out there! I don’t have pictures from Betsy’s wedding yet, because I didn’t charge the camera battery, so I’m waiting on Melissa to upload some!