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New Webpage!

24 Apr

Hey everyone!

I am one lucky gal! My husband bought me my own domain for Christmas and we have been working hard on getting that set up!

It has been a bit of a labor of love, but it is finally clean enough to share!

From now on, I’ll be updating my blog here:

Jonathan is working on finding a follow-me button that we can add to the menu, but until then, here is what you need to know:

If you are following me on wordpress currently, you will no longer get updates unless you add manually. You can do this by clicking “Blogs I follow”, then click the little gear icon to the right, and then type in into the box that says “enter a blog URL to follow.”

I hope to see some of you over there – and I’d love some encouraging notes on my new site! 🙂


#100HappyDays: Days 11-20

18 Apr

Continuing on with sharing my #100happydays challenge, here are days 11-20

(In real life, I’m on day 57 or something like that, so I am trying to catch up in blog land! You can always follow me on Instagram:  sasharoundtheclock)

Day 11

1 month ago

Got to walk outside today and finally hit my step goal!!!#100happydays #fitbit

Day 11 – March 16th: Some days are a bit more of a stretch on this challenge – either because I forgot about the challenge until bedtime or because it’s just generally been a grumpy day! I can honestly say that on Day 11, Alysha was visiting me, so it was the former that led me to taking a picture of my fitbit!  My daily step goal is 7000 steps, and I hit it right before heading to bed! Anyone else on fitbit? Friend me!

Day 12

1 month ago

Loving the St. Patty’s day mani that @sparkle__ninjagave me! #FourLeafJulep #100happydays #holidays#mani #julep #llarowe #sisterweek #sistersinstl

Day 12, March 17: My sister is much better at painting nails than I am!  I was so lucky (get it? haha!) that she was here to give me a cute mani for St. Patrick’s Day!  The green polish is Llarowe – Gemini Rising. The white polish is a Julep, though I can’t remember the name now… oops!

Day 13

1 month ago

Delicious dinner cooked for me by @sparkle__ninja !!#100happydays #food

Day 13, March 18: Doesn’t this look delish?? Recipe posted here: Alysha’s Crispy Chicken Thighs

Day 14

4 weeks ago

Had so much fun painting St. Louis with@sparkle__ninja !!! #100happydays #paintingwithatwist

Day 14, March 19: Alysha and I did Painting with a Twist. It was so much fun and we had a BLAST!  And the pictures turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

4 weeks ago

I forgot to post by midnight last night but yesterday was definitely happy! Here is a cute pic of my pet bunny that @sparkle__ninja took!! #100happydays #bunny#pancakes #sisterweek #sistersinstl

Day 15, March 20: While I was at work, Alysha sent me this adorable video of Pancakes running around the office!  How can that NOT make you Happy?

Day 16

4 weeks ago

I loved spending the day wandering downtown St. Charles with @sparkle__ninja ! #100happydays#sisterweek #sistersinstl

Day 16, March 21: I took Alysha to walk around downtown St. Charles.  Love this pic of my lovely sister!!

Day 17

4 weeks ago

I made this pineapple upside down cake for my dad for Nauroz! We met my parents in Terre Haute so they could take @sparkle__ninja the rest of the to Dayton. Sad to see her go but enjoyed lunch with my fam!!!#100happydays #sisterweek #sistersinstl #food#pineapleupsidedowncake #nauroz

Day 17, March 22: This one is actually a little bit of a story.  To get Alysha back to Ohio, we met my parents halfway in Terre Haute at my dad’s favorite Chinese place. Nauroz had been the day before (or maybe two days before) but we decided to celebrate when we could all be together!  Now, where does the pineapple cake come in, you ask? Well, the weekend before, for Dad’s birthday, I had offered to make him a pineapple upside down cake because he loves those! But he said no, because they are too sweet. So we got a cake from Wal-Mart, which was WAY sweeter. So then Dad said, okay, bring me a pineapple cake for Nauroz. So I agreed. Then on Saturday, I totally forgot to make it! And I ended up at a comedy show until LATE and I didn’t have the ingredients. So… at 5 A.M. on Sunday, I went to the store, bought the ingredients, and made the cake!

Everyone seemed to like it – except Alysha, who does not like pineapple cake to begin with.

Day 18

4 weeks ago

Going to work au naturel today. No make up. No extra hair product. Scary, but feels great for a change!#100happydays #nomakeup

Day 18, March 23: If you know me, you know I love beauty products. I might be a hoarder, but I’ve seen girls on the Facebook groups that I follow who have way more than I do! That being said, I woke up and thought, NOT TODAY! It was refreshing to go out just as myself with no products. Oh, also, I overslept 😉

Day 19

3 weeks ago

This was actually yesterday’s,but I guess it didn’t load. We finally paid off one of our cars! Whoo hoo!#100happydays #roadtofinancialfreedom

Day 19, March 24: We received the letter relieving us of any liens on car number one! Whoo hoo! We purchased the Hyundai in 2010 after my sweet Pontiac Sunfire was the victim of a hit and run. Our first car that we bought – all paid off! Now let’s hope it holds up as well as advertised and lasts ATLEAST another 5 years!

Day 20

3 weeks ago

Jonathan and I just finished this work out! Feeling great! #100happydays #workout #bodyweightcircuits#noexcuses

Day 20, March 25: I made up this work out to do with my friend Nancy, but we didn’t get to it, so I made Jonathan do it with me. Boy were my legs burning! Nancy – you still owe me a work out! 😉

Welcome back!

21 Jan

So I’ve been absent for a few months… during that time.. big things were happening!

I started to learn how to sew.

Jonathan started a new site for me.

I started a new weight loss venture (down nearly 15 lbs!)

I went on a trip to the Azores with Alysha to celebrate her 25!


10 year high school reunion.


New Year’s.

annnnnnnd here we are!

So, I’m welcoming myself back to blogging.

I mentioned Jonathan started a new site for me. it’s not live yet, but I think it will be good when it is! I’ll let you know what it is as soon as it’s ready. 🙂

It’s going to be started with intention and organization so I can blog about the various things I love in a way that makes it easy to follow what I’m blogging about, and in a way that makes me be more organized with my thoughts and ideas.

It’s going to have travel posts and review.

DIY crafts and tutorials.

Recipes and food ideas.

Exercise and healthy living ideas.

and of course some personal anecdotes sprinkled in.

It’s gonna be GOOD!

The other big thing is that I opened an Etsy shop! It’s

I mentioned that I am learning to sew, and I am selling these SUPER soft, adorable lime green infinity scarves for Valentine’s Day.

Infinity Scarf - Super Soft Jersey Fabric- Green with Hearts - Great Valentine's Gift! - Shipping Included!

If you know someone who needs one, pick one up! I’m including free shipping since this is my first item!

Anyway, until the new site is live, I’ll be blogging here, so keep coming back. I am about to try to make slow cooker chicken and if it turns out, I’ll put a recipe out there tomorrow! 🙂


18 Jun

I am taking a break from the clean eating posts after a quick week two weight update…
Sasha: 162
Jonathan: 178.4
Weight loss has slowed down and the clean eating is running closer to 75% over the last few days due to work functions. We are going to try to get back on track and add back exercise this week.

Now into the point if this post… Craftiness!! My mother in law has kindly lent me her sewing machine and I have been taking lessons. I have made two projects so far, a small tote bag and a pillow! I am also signed up for a three zipper bag and quilting 101 in July. Right now I know how to read a basic pattern and do basic stitches on the machine. If any of my friends see out there, I’d love recommendations for simple projects that I can take on to build confidence! 20140618-210139-75699871.jpg


Work day nibbles!

13 Jun

I thought I would share an example of the food I am taking to stay full and away from the vending machine all day at work! What we have pictured for today is:
Half an avocado
Salad with romaine, cucumbers, bell pepper, homemade peach vinaigrette, and a sliced hard boiled egg
Cucumber, jicama, carrots, and green beans

Yummy clean eating snacks for my workday!

One Week In – Progress Update

9 Jun

Jonathan and I are one week into this challenge. We’ve already blown it. I want to be up front and honest about the fact that we were not perfect this week.  If I had to give us a score, I’d give us maybe a 90%. Which is pretty good — in school I would have been marginally pleased with a 90%. So why did I spend two days trying to decide whether we should just give up on this since we couldn’t even do it for a week? 

Then I read this blog post, shared by someone on my facebook feed. I have no idea who this person is, but their words spoke to me. 

In recap, she emphasizes how by human nature once we ruin a perfect day, we feel like that is our permission to give up on that day and on ourselves. Then she decides to start starting over. So I have been trying to do that, even when we get off course. 

Well, Jonathan and I are not giving up. We might have had a crazy busy weekend, didn’t plan appropriately and ended up grabbing hamburgers one day because, well, it was past lunchtime and the hopes of going home and cooking a nice, pre-planned, perfect meal just didn’t pan out. It’s okay. I considered saying, forget it, we already had hamburgers, let’s just have pizza for dinner. It’s fast and easy and we are both tired. But I didn’t. We stuck with it and ate a clean dinner. 

We are eating about 90% clean at this point, and that’s 100% because we are doing this self-imposed challenge. Without it, we would have already lapsed into our regular bad habits. 

So, at this 1-week mark, I wanted to share our weight progress and some thoughts from each of us: 

June 9,2014 Weigh In

Sasha : 163.2 (down 4.4 lbs) 

Jonathan: 181.2  (down 3.6 lbs)

Thoughts from Sasha: 

Each day, making healthier decisions gets easier. I felt exhausted and a little sick after that hamburger. I feel like I am getting better at reading my body and what I need. Also, I believe that you can become desensitized to the amazing flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables when you overwhelm your palate with too much sugar and chemicals.  Today, my raspberries and blueberries tasted as sweet as candy to me.  I am enjoying rediscovering a variety of produce and how great they taste on their own. I eat raw veggies daily with lunch, and have enjoyed jicama, green beans, carrots, cucumber, and zucchini raw. I have also had the chance to get creative with meals. The jambalaya recipe that I shared last week was so great that I remade it tonight! I also made a chicken/coconut/sweet potato stew and chicken with brown rice pasta. I don’t usually do so much cooking, so it has been sort of nice to give Jonathan a break and get creative. 

Thoughts from Jonathan: 

It’s odd, never feeling full but never being hungry either. It’s weird to be eating the same portions as Sasha, but it seems to be working. I’m slowly losing weight and I don’t feel like it’s in a way that is unhealthy or unsustainable (other than the cost). It’s tough to be prepared for every day, but hopefully with some practice that will be easier. Some days I want to just be lazy and get something delicious for lunch, but knowing we’ve bought the stuff and it’s waiting in the fridge makes it easier.


So here we boldy go into week two. We’re eating roughly the same things as week one, but cycled ever couple of day in alignment with the Fast Metabolism Diet. 

Does anyone else ever get into the mentality of wanting “Perfect” days? 


Lightened Up Jambalaya

4 Jun


(Serves 4)
4 cups cooked brown rice
1 can diced tomatoes
1 bunch kale, de-stemmed and chopped
1/4 lemon, juiced
1/2 onion, diced
1/2 tbspn fresh diced or pureed garlic
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon cayenne powder
16 ounces chicken sausage, cooked.
pepper to taste
optional: 2 cups chicken broth


1. Cook brown rice as instructed on package, but can optionally sub out half of the water required for chicken broth to give rice extra flavor.
2. While rice cooks, sautee kale, onions, garlic, and lemon juice in a large pot until kale is soft. Reduce heat to low, and stir in canned tomatoes.
3. Slice sausage links into rounds, and sear in a hot pan until the bottom is caramelized. Flip and sear other side.
4. Add the caramelized sausage to the large pot with the kale. Gently stir in your fully cooked rice. Add paprika, cayenne, and pepper to taste.