Middle of the Night Pajama Party

19 Oct

I have a lot going on right now, between exams and recruitment. Frequently, when I have so much going on, I have trouble sleeping. And last night, at the last minute, Jonathan and I decided to change travel plans for Chicago this weekend… we figured out that I could, in fact, take the charter bus with my classmates and it would save us money if I did that versus him and I driving up separately. (We had originally thought that the bus departure would be earlier, and I have an exam that gets out at 1.) The bus is actually going to load at 1 and leave at 1:15. So, I spent a lot of time and energy last night trying to get last minute travel arrangements set. I still don’t have a hotel room, but I’m going to take care of that tonight!

Anyway, worrying about all of these details, and getting ready for the conference while studying for my exam tomorrow made me a very restless sleeper last night!  Around 3 am, I was tossing and turning and tossing and turning, and finally Jonathan suggested that we go to the living room with our pillows and blankets, turn on the tv, and have somewhat of a pajama party in the livingroom!

Unfortunately, we turned on a show that ended up being way more interesting than usual…. it was the Halloween episode of Chopped. So we didn’t fall asleep as fast as we thought we would. But, it was really fun!

Now I’m mondo tired and I’m going to have to down a five hour energy right before my exam!


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