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Grey’s Anatomy + Work Out time

19 Jan

So I worked out for the first time in nearly two weeks.  The last time I worked out was a spinning class on January 7th.  I got sick January 9th, and I finally felt good enough to work out. (Actually, I was supposed to work out this morning, but I just forgot. 😦  Thankfully, my friend Nancy was very forgiving and didn’t seem too mad at me.

So tonight I decided to motivate myself by employing an old trick from college… I went to the gym when a favorite show was  on (Grey’s Anatomy) and did a full hour work out.

I feel awesome! I am so glad I did that!

Now for my comments on Grey’s Anatomy… can I just say I have been waiting for Hunt to flip out about Cristina’s abortion. I knew he couldn’t be so understanding forever. I understand Teddy’s work-a-holic way of dealing with her grief. I loved Meredith’s “Yay Zola” cake. Anyway, I am much less mad this week than last week!  If you saw the previews.. I am really excited about an alternate universe Grey’s! Can’t wait to see Lexie as a dread-locked bum!

On a total side note, grades from last semester are in and my semester average was higher than my GPA… so that’s always a good thing! 🙂


Why Do I Still Watch Grey’s Anatomy?

6 Jan

I tried to watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight, I really did. Actually, I did in fact watch it. But the entire time, all I could think was, “Shonda Rhimes, you uncreative jerk, you Denny Duquette’d us again!”

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you don’t, you can stop reading now.

Okay, so when this show first came out, I was like, “I hated ER, I don’t want to watch a hospital show.” And I didn’t watch it at all, even thought Alysha kept telling me it was the best show. (This frequently happens. Alysha tells me a show is great and I should watch it. I resist. Eventually, I do watch it, and by then Alysha has realized it is lame and stops watching. Then I am left watching this show with no one to talk to about it. Story of my life.)

But that’s a total aside. A friend in college was given season 1, and lent it to me, and I got bored and I started watching. And I could not stop.

And then the show got too big for its britches. And actors/actresses started having squabbles and randomly disappearing without any kind of closure ( cough Burke cough Izzie cough cough).  And there were lots of unresolved issues between characters and we are just supposed to ignore these problems. Okay.

And Meredith randomly becomes well adjusted?  What?  And then they bring in all these random characters with a merger, and then promo that main characters will die.. but they just kill off all of the unlikable, extraneous characters from Mercy West who I did not consider to be main characters at all. Not that I wanted a main character to die, I just hated that they promo’d it and then it didn’t really happen. It felt like the creative team was like, “Dang, these characters we brought in to fill the hole that George/Izzie left are really flat and uninteresting.. I know.. let’s do a major dramatic two hour event and get rid of them!”  Either that, or, “Hey, we want to do a major two hour dramatic event where we kill of characters, but we’ve already gotten rid of two main characters, so let’s bring in some random extras for a season and then kill them off and promo that main characters will die!”

Cheap, Shonda Rhimes, Cheap.

And at that point I was pretty much ready to stop watching. But a really bland line up of shows for the season in general and curiosity kept me going. And I actually thought she was bringing it back by developing Lexie and April and Avery into stronger leads.

And then she Denny Duquette’d us.  And I totally fell for it. I thought to myself, “No way will Henry die, because Shonda Rhimes has already done the ‘Doctor falls in love with sick patient and sick patient dies’ thing, and she is way more creative than that.”


So will I keep watching? Probably. I feel invested in the characters (although I’m not sure why) and it’s almost like a train wreck… I want to stop looking but I just can’t.

But do I feel cheated and angry about it? YES.

And there better be an explanation next week of why Meredith and Derek are getting Zola back. It seemed like a cheap stunt at the end to make the watcher feel vaguely less betrayed by Denny Duquette take 2.