#100HappyDays: Days 11-20

18 Apr

Continuing on with sharing my #100happydays challenge, here are days 11-20

(In real life, I’m on day 57 or something like that, so I am trying to catch up in blog land! You can always follow me on Instagram:  sasharoundtheclock)

Day 11

1 month ago

Got to walk outside today and finally hit my step goal!!!#100happydays #fitbit

Day 11 – March 16th: Some days are a bit more of a stretch on this challenge – either because I forgot about the challenge until bedtime or because it’s just generally been a grumpy day! I can honestly say that on Day 11, Alysha was visiting me, so it was the former that led me to taking a picture of my fitbit!  My daily step goal is 7000 steps, and I hit it right before heading to bed! Anyone else on fitbit? Friend me!  www.fitbit.com/user/2BQTRC

Day 12

1 month ago

Loving the St. Patty’s day mani that @sparkle__ninjagave me! #FourLeafJulep #100happydays #holidays#mani #julep #llarowe #sisterweek #sistersinstl

Day 12, March 17: My sister is much better at painting nails than I am!  I was so lucky (get it? haha!) that she was here to give me a cute mani for St. Patrick’s Day!  The green polish is Llarowe – Gemini Rising. The white polish is a Julep, though I can’t remember the name now… oops!

Day 13

1 month ago

Delicious dinner cooked for me by @sparkle__ninja !!#100happydays #food

Day 13, March 18: Doesn’t this look delish?? Recipe posted here: Alysha’s Crispy Chicken Thighs

Day 14

4 weeks ago

Had so much fun painting St. Louis with@sparkle__ninja !!! #100happydays #paintingwithatwist

Day 14, March 19: Alysha and I did Painting with a Twist. It was so much fun and we had a BLAST!  And the pictures turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

4 weeks ago

I forgot to post by midnight last night but yesterday was definitely happy! Here is a cute pic of my pet bunny that @sparkle__ninja took!! #100happydays #bunny#pancakes #sisterweek #sistersinstl

Day 15, March 20: While I was at work, Alysha sent me this adorable video of Pancakes running around the office!  How can that NOT make you Happy?

Day 16

4 weeks ago

I loved spending the day wandering downtown St. Charles with @sparkle__ninja ! #100happydays#sisterweek #sistersinstl

Day 16, March 21: I took Alysha to walk around downtown St. Charles.  Love this pic of my lovely sister!!

Day 17

4 weeks ago

I made this pineapple upside down cake for my dad for Nauroz! We met my parents in Terre Haute so they could take @sparkle__ninja the rest of the to Dayton. Sad to see her go but enjoyed lunch with my fam!!!#100happydays #sisterweek #sistersinstl #food#pineapleupsidedowncake #nauroz

Day 17, March 22: This one is actually a little bit of a story.  To get Alysha back to Ohio, we met my parents halfway in Terre Haute at my dad’s favorite Chinese place. Nauroz had been the day before (or maybe two days before) but we decided to celebrate when we could all be together!  Now, where does the pineapple cake come in, you ask? Well, the weekend before, for Dad’s birthday, I had offered to make him a pineapple upside down cake because he loves those! But he said no, because they are too sweet. So we got a cake from Wal-Mart, which was WAY sweeter. So then Dad said, okay, bring me a pineapple cake for Nauroz. So I agreed. Then on Saturday, I totally forgot to make it! And I ended up at a comedy show until LATE and I didn’t have the ingredients. So… at 5 A.M. on Sunday, I went to the store, bought the ingredients, and made the cake!

Everyone seemed to like it – except Alysha, who does not like pineapple cake to begin with.

Day 18

4 weeks ago

Going to work au naturel today. No make up. No extra hair product. Scary, but feels great for a change!#100happydays #nomakeup

Day 18, March 23: If you know me, you know I love beauty products. I might be a hoarder, but I’ve seen girls on the Facebook groups that I follow who have way more than I do! That being said, I woke up and thought, NOT TODAY! It was refreshing to go out just as myself with no products. Oh, also, I overslept 😉

Day 19

3 weeks ago

This was actually yesterday’s,but I guess it didn’t load. We finally paid off one of our cars! Whoo hoo!#100happydays #roadtofinancialfreedom

Day 19, March 24: We received the letter relieving us of any liens on car number one! Whoo hoo! We purchased the Hyundai in 2010 after my sweet Pontiac Sunfire was the victim of a hit and run. Our first car that we bought – all paid off! Now let’s hope it holds up as well as advertised and lasts ATLEAST another 5 years!

Day 20

3 weeks ago

Jonathan and I just finished this work out! Feeling great! #100happydays #workout #bodyweightcircuits#noexcuses

Day 20, March 25: I made up this work out to do with my friend Nancy, but we didn’t get to it, so I made Jonathan do it with me. Boy were my legs burning! Nancy – you still owe me a work out! 😉


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