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Day 6…

28 Jan

I don’t know if I wrote about this before or not, because I am basically a zombie. This is the longest week of my life. I have 11 days straight with no days off due to a weekend class. This is day six. I don’t know how I’ll survive.

The caffeine pills were starting to make me feel sick so I’m going to skip them today and tomorrow and see how that goes. (I definitely need them Monday, because Monday I have class from 9-10, 10-1, 1-2:30, group meeting from 2:30-4, class again from 4-5:30, group meeting again from 5:30-whenever we finish… as you can see that doesn’t give me much of a chance to rest, eat, or get any homework done.)

life of a grad student, right?

I am totally wiped. And yes, I acknowledge that staying up late to watch the last chuck ever was a bad idea. because now i am sleepy AND dissatisfied. Shannon, I hope you’re right and I hope the DVD has some bonus scenes!!!

Anyway, I have to leave for class in 30 minutes, so I better hit the shower and try to wake my old worn out self up!


ETA: from an artistic standpoint, I actually thought they did a really nice job with the end of Chuck.  They reused old sets, did an appropriate amount of heart tugging flashbacks, and tied it all back together but still had a plot for the last episode.

However, I’m a mushy gushy girl and I want to know for sure that Sarah remembers Chuck, they are definitely still in love, and live happily ever after to have ass-kicking nerdy babies.


That is all.