Amazing weekend

24 Oct

It was a super busy, yet super fun weekend! On Saturday, we got up and made some homemade waffles… we haven’t done that since we lived in the apartment! Then Jonathan attached the new bike rack that he got for his birthday (it was a joint effort by me, my parents, and his parents!). Verdict: he likes it!  While he was attaching that to the ET, we found a snake in our yard! Here’s a picture of the little guy:

Then we drove out to Ulta in Illinois (it took us 45 minutes) on a quest for nail polish and hot rollers.  While we were out that way, we biked along a trail that Jonathan frequently bikes with our friend, Daniel. They usually start on the MO side and bike all the way out there and then some. We just did about 6 miles on the trail out in Illinois. It was pretty and I hope we bike it again!

After that, we got a pizza and had a late lunch/early dinner, and watched a movie. Then, we went downtown to hear the Gin Blossoms play. That’s a link to my favorite song by them. You might notice that that song was copyrighted in 1992. Almost 20 years ago.  So they are pretty old now, but they played a good show!  Then Jonathan and I decided to play some penny slots since we were at a casino…. (mostly we wanted free sodas…) . We took ten dollars, and came out 7.54 ahead. Thats a 75.4% return on investment. Not too shabby.

On Sunday, we had a nice, relaxing, easy day. I spent the morning catching up on my couponing, and then I put that nail polish we bought on Saturday to good use:

Jonathan and I also made dum-dum ghosts! I used to make these with my grandfather when I lived in South Carolina:

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Today starts our weight loss competition and a new, productive, less-tv-watching Magee family.  I hope!


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