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It’s Been Six Months??

18 Oct

Oh geez! Where did the time go?

Here are the highlights:


I went to Charlottesville for Mindy’s wedding and to hang out with the fabulous Jill Stephens.

Sasha and Jill at Mindy's wedding


Jonathan got his wisdom teeth out, poor guy. His face was swollen for a long time. A lot of my friends graduated. Jonathan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in Nashville and Gatlinburg! I’ll write a separate post about that later.

Sasha and Jonathan at 808 Grille in Nashville, Tn

Jonathan standing on an outlook over Gatlinburg.


Alysha graduated from OSU! I started my internship.


We spent the 4th of July weekend in St. Joseph, MI with Ben and Laurel! It was great to see where they are living, and to go to a beach again!! I also won tickets to see Montgomery Gentry downtown so Jonathan and I saw them on the actual 4th of July and saw fireworks in St. Louis.


I spent a week in Johnson City with my mom and dad! That was a lot of fun. We ate out a lot a lot!  And my mom bought me some kickin’ cowboy boots! I also spent a night in Columbus hanging out with Alysha, also a lot of fun!


We spent Labor Day in Oklahoma! We got to see Jonathan’s sisters and their babies! Monika and I were awesome at charades, and the kids were adorable, as usual! I also started class, boo.  Jonathan’s birthday was the 30th of September, and we went on a birthday camping trip with our small group.  We did the same camping trip last year, and it was a joint celebration of Jonathan’s birthday and our friend, Ben’s birthday.

Jonathan and Ben next to their birthday sign!

Jonathan with his birthday pumpkin cupcakes that Laurel and I made!


It’s been a busy month already! We were camping the first weekend. This past weekend was my fall break, so we drove to Atlanta for my friend, Betsy’s, wedding.  We stayed with my friend Emily, and a bunch of my friends who graduated in May were in town also. Basically, it was an epic reunion of people from several different phases of life!  The wedding was really beautiful, and Emily and Zack were really great hosts!

This coming weekend we’ll be in Chicago for a career fair.


Anyway, on an unrelated note, I was going through old livejournal posts, and it was so much fun to be reminded of all the things I did and thought back then! So, I am going to try to keep up better on blogging!

I also have tons more pictures, but they are all on facebook. So if you want to see more pictures, check them out there! I don’t have pictures from Betsy’s wedding yet, because I didn’t charge the camera battery, so I’m waiting on Melissa to upload some!


The Best Laid Plans

26 May

It seems that story after story of marriage includes things going wrong. You save for that big vacation and then the air condition goes out. You plan a fancy date, and then your husband has to work late. Etc, etc.

Here is ours: We planned a nice anniversary date. We were going to go listen to a Frank Sinatra cover concert in the park, and then go to our favorite Italian restaurant. It was going to be sweet and romantic.

Then, I got sick. I spent all day puking my guts up. There goes any chance of a romantic anniversary date. Not only did I miss an amazing opportunity at work, but I also ruined our two-year anniversary.

That’s when Jonathan saved the day. He knew I was not only feeling bad because I was sick, but that I was incredibly disappointed about work and about our date. He came home at lunch, and worked from home so he could spend time with me. He brought me a beautiful flower bouquet with an anniversary balloon. And we spent our anniversary doing what should be done on anniversaries. Spending time together and sharing our love with each other.

Anniversaries aren’t about fancy dates. Anniversaries are about celebrating making the decision to love each other, to stay beside each other, and to care for and about each other. Being sick didn’t ruin our anniversary, it just gave my adorable husband the chance to remind me what being married is really about.

So, here’s to two years of being married to my best friend. And hopefully next time, our anniversary won’t involve puking.