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Lazy Day Saturday

13 Nov

Yesterday, I didn’t leave the house.

I didn’t brush my hair.

I didn’t shower.

I didn’t even change out of my pajamas.


I had the ultimate lazy day.


okay, okay, I still did homework. I still studied. I still picked up the house.


played ddr

watched tv

ate food that is terrible for me

read cosmo magazine

and basically lounged.


If you know me, you have to know how fabulous this was.  🙂

And it was totally guilt-free lounging too, which is the best!


Google “Do a Barrel Roll”

4 Nov

If you are unfamiliar with Starfox, you are missing out. We played the Starfox 64 version as kids, and loved it! If you haven’t played Starfox, you probably won’t get the do a barrel roll reference, but it’s still pretty cool so google it anyway. 🙂


“It’s quiet… too quiet….”

“Be careful Fox, it might be a trap.”



Think I might have to play some Starfox over Christmas break….