30×30 for 30

12 Aug

Jonathan and I are always talking about what we can do better.  Frequently, those goals are actually results we want without any plan. I want to lose weight. I want a cleaner house. I want to save money.

We always seem too busy to do the things that get us there. We create elaborate and intricate plans and chore charts and diet/exercise regimens. And when we don’t stick to them exactly, we get discouraged and slowly give up.

So instead of just having a loose goal (clean the house) or creating an elaborate and insane plan for how to make our lives perfect, we are making a very simple commitment.

Every day for 30 days we will each spend a minimum or 30 minutes doing some sort of physical activity and a minimum of 30 minutes cleaning something in the house.

That is it. It is that simple.

Because we are very busy, we can each have a free pass on each activity once a week if we need it. If life explodes and we don’t get home until midnight. If we decide to be spontaneous and have an all day biking and picnic adventure that leaves us exhausted. Whatever it is. But only ONE a week.

We will see at the end of these 30 days how much (if at all) our lives have improved!


I started my 30 days today. Jonathan is starting tomorrow, so I guess I will do 31 days. Actually, I am hoping this becomes a habit that lasts well past 30 days, but we will see!


I am going to take some (embarassing) before pictures of our house tomorrow, so if we actually make some progress hopefully I can share some after pictures at the end of this! 🙂

I will try to make daily or maybe every other day reports on how it’s going.


Exercise: I went to pursuit fitness from 5:30-6:30

Cleaning: Bunny got a full cage scrub!! Fresh towels, changed the litter, organized his supplies, scrubbed the litter tub with vinegar, vaccuumed the office, and put new toys in his cage. Plus pets 🙂  lots of petting for Pancakes! 🙂  All that in only 30 minutes 🙂


One Response to “30×30 for 30”

  1. laurel August 13, 2013 at 7:43 am #

    this is a good idea…we find ourselves having the same problem. maybe we should adopt your plan too 🙂

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