Things I Never Understood Before Working Full Time

4 Mar

1. Weekends

Why were they so special? I mean, frankly, weekends weren’t really the bomb dot com to me. They were just another part of the week. Part of weekends were better than going to school (tv, sleeping in, time with fam) and other parts were worse (being bored, chores, homework, not seeing friends.)

Now that I am an adult with a full time job.. I feel like an addict. My entire being itches for the thrill of 5 oclock on Friday. The rush of freedom, the delight of my own time. As Sunday winds down, I already feel the withdrawal. The ache. The need.

(And I actually like my job. So I can’t imagine what it would feel like if i hated it!)

2. Bedtimes

as a teenager, I spent many an evening up until 2,3 or 4 am. Chatting with friends on the internet under the guise of doing homework – and many times actually doing homework. Reading a book I couldn’t put down. Laying in bed dreading the test the next day. I still managed to get my rump out of bed before 6 am, get to school, and get through the day.

As a college student, I napped if I got tired. big deal. Always plenty of time.

Now, if I’m awake past like, 10 (like tonight), I know the next day is going to be rough. I am already seeing a morning that involves coffee before and after my morning shower. Somehow, sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight focusing and trying to be a good employee is so much more exhausting. Or maybe I am old.

3. Coffee.

Blech. wait. no, now it is delicious sweet sustenance that pushes you from one meeting to the next.

4. Paying for salad.

Why would you waste that much money to buy raw vegetables at a restaurant? I can get 10x more for the same price at the store and there is nothing culinarily special!

Well, when you end up eating lunch out as often as I do, you realize that if you eat heavy carbs for lunch every day, you will be asleep at your desk the second half of the day. it has not happened to me yet (because of point 3, above) but I have come close! Thus, the salads. MMMmmmm ten dollars for a cup of leaves.

5. Not wanting to be on the internet.

Um, let me just say, by the time I get home from 8 hours of staring at the computer, the last thing I feel like doing is coming home and getting on the computer.

I think that’s about all. I can’t sleep tonight, not sure why. Tomorrow will for sure be harder than Mondays usually are.


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