Grey’s Anatomy + Work Out time

19 Jan

So I worked out for the first time in nearly two weeks.  The last time I worked out was a spinning class on January 7th.  I got sick January 9th, and I finally felt good enough to work out. (Actually, I was supposed to work out this morning, but I just forgot. 😦  Thankfully, my friend Nancy was very forgiving and didn’t seem too mad at me.

So tonight I decided to motivate myself by employing an old trick from college… I went to the gym when a favorite show was  on (Grey’s Anatomy) and did a full hour work out.

I feel awesome! I am so glad I did that!

Now for my comments on Grey’s Anatomy… can I just say I have been waiting for Hunt to flip out about Cristina’s abortion. I knew he couldn’t be so understanding forever. I understand Teddy’s work-a-holic way of dealing with her grief. I loved Meredith’s “Yay Zola” cake. Anyway, I am much less mad this week than last week!  If you saw the previews.. I am really excited about an alternate universe Grey’s! Can’t wait to see Lexie as a dread-locked bum!

On a total side note, grades from last semester are in and my semester average was higher than my GPA… so that’s always a good thing! 🙂


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