Meal plan!

3 Nov

meal plan



I wanted to share my healthy meal plan, and before I go any further, I have to thank the amazing folks over at Pursuit Fitness ( because this meal plan comes from them.  Getting organized is all me, but the food ideas for staying healthy and energized are all theirs.


Anyway, that’s what my Sunday food prep looks like!  The picture shows four days worth of daytime food (food for while at work!).

Breakfast: (not pictured, served hot)

2 turkey sausage patties

1 c spinach + 1 apple juiced


Snack 1:

1 oz almonds, 1 oz baby carrots, 5 strawberries



Salad + oil vinegar dressing + 3 oz turkey meat


Snack 2:

2 stalks celery + 2 tbspn almond butter, 3 oz blackberries


Dinner: (served hot, not pictured)

4 oz herb rubbed chicken

salad + oil vinegar dressing

brocolli + oregano + a sprinkle of parm cheese


Dinner we shake up sometimes, and have other things, but basically a protein, a salad, and a cruciferous veggie.

I think I’m going to add in and try some purple sweet potatoes next week!


This meal plan is actually from two weeks ago. This week, instead of turkey meat at lunch, I’m going to have hard boiled eggs.  And instead of blackberries, I am going to have oranges.  And instead of almonds, I am going to have walnuts. But you get the picture! Planning my meals ahead of time makes life SO MUCH EASIER and food tastes SO MUCH BETTER!


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