Total Recall Screening

3 Aug

My little sister is a genius at finding free movie screenings. We got to see 21 Jump Street last time I visited her, and this time we got to see an advance screening of Total Recall.

I want to preface my review with a few things:
– I never saw the original
– I’ve never seen Inception nor have I made it through an entire Bourne movie
– I fell asleep during this movie

So, those preface notes are important because critics are bashing this movie for being too similar to Inception and Bourne. I have never seen those, so I can’t say.

What I can say is, overall, it was an enjoyable movie. Like In Time, I felt like the production/writing team had a really awesome idea/concept that got lost in the action and didn’t get fully utilized. I was convinced that there would be more of a twist, and more confusion about whether he was in a false rekall memory or in real life. However, the one scene where they really try to confuse you, as the watcher, you know as soon as the main character makes his choice that it was all a set up to confuse him. They don’t really try to confuse you, the watcher.

I also fells asleep. I had a splitting headache, and the chase scenes through the futuristic landscape were so fragmented that I had to close my eyes. And then, well. I fell asleep.

I don’t think my falling asleep is any proof that the movie was bad since I fall asleep in alot of movies. Some of which I find out were really great movies when I rewatch them at a later time.

Anyway, I guess I’d give this movie 3 stars out of 5. It was interesting and enjoyable to watch, and as long as you don’t walk in expecting an Inception-like mindbender, it’s easy to get over the fact that it’s not super twisty.


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