Fall TV Spoilers, Anticipation, Premier Dates, etc!

3 Aug

Guys, it’s August. It’s August and I’m unemployed and a little transient and a little lost right now.

So, it’s a perfect time to catch up on TV gossip, spoilers, and rumors for the fall! Since I have no summer reading I’m frantically trying to squeeze in, here are some of the things I’ve gleaned about some of my favorite shows:

Private Practice:
– Will be returning on Sept 25 for at least a 13 episode run. Kate Walsh (main star Addison) is leaving the show after 13 episodes, and Shonda Rhimes hasn’t decided whether this is IT for Private Practice or whether the show will continue minus Addie and minus Pete. Which brings me to spoiler number 2, I guess Pete and Charlotte won’t be working it out because actor Tim Daly is leaving the show after budget cuts on the PP set.
– Shonda Rhimes is going to get “Creative” with Private Practice and do every thing she has ever wanted to do with the show in the last 13 episodes. So I’m expecting it to be “special.”

Grey’s Anatomy:
– Will return Sept 27.
– Mark Sloan is either dying or calling it quits since actor Eric Dane will be departing within a few episodes this season.
– With Lexie’s death at the end of last season, and Mark leaving soon after the premiere, tell me, is there really a reason to watch anymore?
– Shonda Rhimes is slapping us with some more repeat story lines, told in a slightly different way. Derek has a severe hand injury (cough Burke), Alex will be dark and angsty (cough that one crazy chick cough Izzie cough he’s always angsty), and Meredith will pull through it all heroically.

Hart of Dixie:
– Will be returning Oct 2nd on the CW.
– Okay, I loved this show when it first came out, and I desperately wanted it to be renewed, but based on the season finale and the spoilers, I am really hesitant and nervous about what season 2 will bring. Season 1 left us with Zoe hooking up with Wade, and being completely surprised when the apparent love of her life leaves his wedding to come be with her. I love both characters, Wade and George, and now no matter what Zoe chooses it’s going to hurt one of them and cause massive drama. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Lemon will now be competing with an old rival for Lavon’s affections. It seems like its moving further away from the sweet and funny northern-transplanted-in-the-South-trying-to-figure-out-who-she-is drama to a tired love-triangle angst fest. I hope the writers have some surprises up their sleeves or this show surely won’t make it to a season three!

How I Met Your Mother:
– Set to premiere on Sept 24th
– The big question is, is this the final season of this Friends-esque sitcom? Rumor has it that Marshall and Lilly (Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan) are unlikely to return for a ninth season. So, are the writers going to tell us, WHO are Ted’s children’s mother?

And of course, I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for ABC Family to renew Jane By Design. The season finale aired on Tuesday, and I just watched it this morning. It’s awesome! If they don’t renew this show, I might just die a little on the inside. Other ABC Family shows (Switched at Birth and The Lying Game) return this fall and winter for a second season, and I’m pretty excited about those, too! And of course, my USA Network fave, Psych, will be back, too.

Who needs a job when I have all this great TV to watch? 🙂


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