Four Year Anniversary! :)

25 May

Well, where have a been for the last month? Let’s see, I took exams. Jonathan and I took a graduation/anniversary trip to Germany, Luxembourg, and France. We got back and my family arrived in town. I graduated with my JD and my MBA. My little sister hung out with me for nearly a week after that. I started bar review courses. And I finally got back in the gym this morning.


So there will be long detailed posts about our travels and about graduation and about hanging out with my sister.

But today, this post is about my husband. Because today is our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Jonathan and I met when I was just 14, but we didn’t go on our first date until 3 years after that. He took me a middle eastern restaurant (that no longer exists :(), to the auto store (lol), and to see Alex and Emma at the local cheap theater. I think we were both pretty nervous. We held hands throughout the movie. We had our first kiss the next day, on a little bridge in Stubbs Park (which also no longer exists ).

He went to school at Oklahoma Christian University. When it was my turn to apply to colleges that fall, I considered applying to Oklahoma University. But it just didn’t feel right. And Jonathan supported my decision to enroll at the University of South Carolina (GO GAMECOCKS!).. a 17 hour drive away from him.

We dated long distance, and on our two year anniversary, when I was just 19, (two months short of my 20th birthday), Jonathan flew to South Carolina and proposed. I said yes!

And two and a half years after that, I graduated from USC, moved all my stuff to my parents place in Ohio, and gathered all of our friends and family and we were married outdoors at The Manor House in Mason, Ohio. That was also the first big trip we took together… our honey moon in Jamaica.

Now, I had applied to law schools that fall and spring. I had gotten in at Oklahoma State with a scholarship. But, once again, it just didn’t feel right. I had a better scholarship to a higher ranked school (Washington University AND Vanderbilt). So I asked Jonathan to give up his job, his apartment, his friends and family, and to go on an adventure with me as I pursued my dreams.

He said yes. The summer of 2008 I moved four times (SC – OH-OK -MO) in four months. Jonathan helped with three of those. Jonathan’s then-brother-in-law helped with the last one because between me and Jonathan we had enough stuff to fill a Uhaul.

After a semester of misery at WashU law, a semester of constant studying and stress, and Jonathan working full time and doing all the housework, I decided that I wasn’t going to survive like this. I would either have to drop out, or something had to change. Well, I’m not a quitter. So instead of dropping out, I applied to the MBA program, and tacked on an MBA.

Doing both degrees was definitely hard, but the combination of the different types of classes made law school bearable. But it meant more night classes, more studying, and less free time. Jonathan once again had to pick up some of the slack.

During this time, we also decided to buy a home. It was a decision we entered into fearfully and hopefully. The house tax credit made it possible for us to buy a home, lower our monthly bills, and pay off our credit card. And have a great place to live, a piece of land of our own. We felt like we were living the American dream.

Even getting control of our finances, and having lower monthly bills, we still struggled to put money into our savings account and felt like we were living month to month. So, my dear, sweet husband took a second job.

We both struggled to find time to keep the house picked up, to actually cook meals, and to make time for each other. Summer of 2010, I had a huge break and landed a paid summer internship. The internship made it possible for us to put money into my Roth IRA, for Jonathan to quit his second job, for us to have money in savings, and to even go on a trip. So we went to disneyworld and had the best first family vacation ever!

Then, that fall, we expanded our family… we adopted a bunny! I had never had a pet before, so I was really scared. But Jonathan assured me that he knew how to care for a bunny, and that he’d teach me. So we got the cutest little bunny in the world.

I know this post has turned a bit into a little restrospective of us, rather than an homage to Jonathan, but I’m getting there. I am sharing all of this for a reason. The reason being that Jonathan has been so giving, caring and understanding through everything. He has always supported my dreams, no matter what they are. He is never hesitant to help out around the house or cook a delicious meal, or even bring me dinners on Wednesday nights to the school when I only have a half hour to eat in a 12 hour period. He never complained about working nights at Applebees to help us get by, he never makes me feel guilty about cancelling plans on him when I get overwhelmed with studying.

He is steady. He is a rock. He is kind and loving and encouraging. He is fun to be around. I love planning big trips with him, or having relaxed weekends playing video games or watching a Ringer marathon. When most of my friends moved away last summer, he happily helped me with nail painting and shopping to help fill that void while I looked for new female friends to do those things with.

He’s not just my husband, he’s my confidant, he’s my playmate, he’s my adventure-buddy, he’s my source of advice, he’s my rock, he’s my personal chef, he’s my travel companion, he’s my dream-sharer.

So, to my husband, happy four year anniversary! I hope we have (atleast) 40 more! 🙂

I love you.

Now, here are a few teasers from our anniversary/graduation trip to France:


One Response to “Four Year Anniversary! :)”

  1. hilary May 27, 2012 at 7:40 am #

    That was great! A wonderful tribute to your wonderful husband. I can’t believe how the time has flown. Congratulations to you both!

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