Exam Week 1

29 Apr

Well, I sure kicked off the first week of exams properly!

One of my best friends from high school came to visit and arrived on Sunday. Of course, leave it to Randal to notice the donut maker sitting on a shelf in the basement. So we randomly made donuts on Sunday night (thanks, Saira, for Jonathan’s christmas present :)) and played poker (with no money of course), and Randal was winning by a lot until I went all in. Strategy: success.

On Monday, I did nothing but hang out with Randal. Yup, no studying whatsoever. 🙂

Tuesday morning, Randal and I went to the Kolache Factory for breakfast, and then he left, and it was so sad. It was so sad in fact, that I decided I should get back to studying and do a workout that literally left me sore until Friday.  Tuesday and Wednesday I studied. On Wednesday I finished compiling my 16 pages of work for my one credit hour in representation in mediation, Thursday I took my negotiation exam, and Friday I spent all day having a play-date with my friend’s 1.5 year old. 🙂 And in exchange she baked a fabulous owl-shaped cake for Kendra’s baby shower, which was on Saturday.  (Pictures of crafts and Nancy’s baking are forthcoming. )

Friday night, we also had senior send off at ACTS, and that was really fun and sort of sad but mostly fun. 🙂

Saturday was so busy and tiring but I think the baby shower turned out really nice and I hope Kendra really enjoyed it! After the shower, I met up with a classmate to get a table, then came home and promptly fell asleep from 3-5. When I woke up, my dad had texted me to ask me if I was alright. I was so confused… was there a reason I shouldn’t be alright? I called him to find out, and he said he had seen on the news that there was really bad weather in St. Louis. I looked out the window…. not even any rain.

So I told Dad the weather was fine. Hung up. Ten minutes later cue BASEBALL SIZED HAIL!

that was scary, but it passed quickly. And I spent the evening working on my Arbitration take home exam. I’m about halfway done.

So the goal is to get this take home exam finished today. Study commercial law tonight and monday. Take commercial law tuesday afternoon. And be DONE.


we’ll see if I can do it. Anyway, as  you can see, I spent more time having fun during exam week 1 then I did studying. OOPS. 🙂



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