Houseparty + Pinteresting

16 Apr

First, if you aren’t familiar with House Party, go to and sign up! I was first turned onto it by my sister, who registered me for a Wii party, and I got free video games! Awesome! Anyway, the way it works is different companies sponsor “house parties.”  You apply for parties you are interested in. If you are selected, you are sent a box of awesome party favors from the company.

This past weekend, I hosted a Weight Watchers Sweet Treats House Party. The theme was “me moments,” sort of advertising that weight watchers desserts are a great way to take time for yourself and indulge without the guilt. Anyway, I got onto pinterest and really ran with the idea of a light and fresh summery party to compliment the weight watchers desserts.

I served:

– strawberry mascarpone bruschetta

– triskets and home made red pepper hummus

– cucumber bites with homemade guacamole

– a fruit display

– homemade lemonade and limemade in mason jars

and of course the weight watchers desserts.

It was a lot of fun, and I was really pleased with how my food and decorations came out!  12 of my fave ladies came out for the party, and my friend Nancy took some great pictures, so here they are!


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