Test woes + I need a new look, any suggestions?

17 Feb

So I had school woes. Then part of my school work caused me to have friend woes.

Now, on top of that, I have test woes.

I realized, basically on the last registration day possible, that the MPRE date falls on my spring break. So I signed up to take it in Ohio. Now, I had two great locations that would be easy to take it in. Columbus (where my little sister is) or Centerville/Dayton(where my parents are).

I put those as my first and second choices.

What did I get?




And, to make it worse, I had to pay a late registration fee because I had no idea the test date was so soon. (I have received an email for every single other test date for the last three years. For the date I actually wanted to take it on, no email. I finally realized, oh, maybe I should check on that. Good thing I did!)

And the fee is non-refundable. Even if the test center you get assigned to is highly inconvenient and you’d much rather cancel and take a later date (cough November) and not be so inconvenienced!



Onto the fun part. Tomorrow, I am getting my hair cut. The deal I bought includes a “hair gloss” treatment, which you can add a color tint to for ten dollars. The salon is also doing a deal on highlights (50% off). I like longish hair, but I am also ready for a new look. Maybe color would be a fun way to get a new look?

Any suggestions?


Also, i wrote brilliant valentines day posts, but the pictures show up in my drafts on my phone, but not on the internet… so Jonathan said he’d help me upload my pics from my phone to my computer tonight so I could actually post my posts!


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