VDay Catch Up Posts: VDay Weekend

16 Feb

Moving on in my VDay posts…

As everyone knows, I’ve been very stressed out and overwhelmed with school lately. So my sweetie planned a very romantic Valentine’s weekend for me, to help me feel loved and relax and destress!

So, last Friday, Jonathan took the day off of work to spend time with me! I also don’t have class on Friday, so that made it really, really nice! I had made him homemade chocolates during my smidgen of free time on Thursday, with the help of two of my good friends! I think they turned out nicely!

(Side note, Alysha, I wanted to make some for you but thought they wouldn’t turn out very good in the mail…so I went with Brownies instead… so we can make some over spring break if you want to!!)

Here’s what they looked like

Jonathan planned some surprises for me, too. First up, we had couples massages! The last time we had professional massages was on our honeymoon, so this was an awesome surprise! Afterwards, I felt so relaxed and amazing!  Jonathan had also booked us a room at a local hotel for Friday and Saturday night, to help get me out of the house and unstressed. It definitely worked! Jonathan had booked a Valentine’s day special, so at the end we got a gift bag with champagne, plastic flutes, candy, and some other goodies. It was really sweet. 🙂

On Saturday, we went spinning. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Ick, 8:30 am biking on your romantic weekend? whaaat?”  But we are so excited about biking the french country side and we love spinning and training for it! After spinning, we got Kolaches (if you’ve never had a kolache, , you should! kolachefactory.com) We took those back to the hotel, watched a movie and ate kolaches!

Post-kolache eating, we enjoyed the hotel’s indoor pool and hot tub. Very nice and relaxing.  Then we got nice and dressed up, and Jonathan took me to the orchid exhibit at the botanical gardens.  I have a ton of pictures from that, so I will do an orchid post later. After orchids, we went to Monarch for dinner, which was also delicious and fabulous.  We don’t do fine dining very often, so it was a really nice splurge. Monarch has southern influences in their cooking, so of course I ended up having sweet tea fried chicken… amazing!  Jonathan got a sweet potato coated cat fish. Which I actually tried, and liked. Crazy!

On Sunday, we slept in, and then we went to Cafe Madeliene in Tower Grove Park for brunch. The wait was long, but the atmosphere was really nice and the food was great!  After that,  I had to go to class, so that was the end of our romantic Valentine’s Weekend.



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