Things I Learn In School.

15 Feb

– We have now had three role plays in various classes where the scenarios scream to me, “You need an MBA!” The resistance from the legal/science people is astounding. I think these role plays have proved to me that engineers and lawyers need MBAs.  A lot. (We need them, too, obviously).

– I had to send out this assessment thing to a strata of people to evaluate my leadership and influence style. Which is difficult when I have basically no work experience. So I asked friends who have seen me in some sort of group setting. Some people think I need more confidence and to be stronger when supporting my ideas. Some other people think I am too forceful, rising to the level of being a squeaky wheel who is going to be replaced. Ouch! The worst part is that its anonymous, so I have no idea in which settings I need to up the oomph, and in which settings I need to tone it down.  Maybe this is just a very bizarre take on the “Sasha-phase.” I won’t bother explaining that, and probably only Hilary/Jonathan will even get it.  … It’s not so much that my feelings are hurt by this comment. I’m glad that people were honest, I obviously need the feedback. I definitely don’t want to be replaced, least of all by my friends!!!

However,  since I have two polar opposites of responses, in order to actually improve, I have to be able to diagnose the different scenarios. Also, everyone I sent this survey to, I consider a friend. If you’re my friend, and you think I’m a squeaky wheel who is going to be replaced, why haven’t you just told me before?  But mostly, I feel like I’m the same all the time, so I think it’s really strange/bizarre that some people think I have a good level of confidence, some people think I need to “stand more firm” and others thing I need to be less forceful with my opinions.  I just don’t know what my take away is here.  Looks like its going to be an interesting reflection journal. …

– We’re having a “Get Liquid” event instead of class tomorrow. That’s right. Our school took a business phrase, cancelled class, rescheduled it for the evening, and is providing free booze. MBAs are highly professional, I’m telling you. Also, our final project is being graded by the class. We’re supposed to make it amusing.  Great. This is our capstone class, too.

– I am hard to look at but easy to listen to. (Unless I’m being a squeaky wheel, I guess?)

– Legally, if you lose your debit card and report it missing within 60 days of the first statement that reflects unauthorized use, you can only be held accountable for $500. If you report it within 2 days of the first unauthorized transaction, you can only be held liable for $50.

– My fav professor brought cookies for VDay. Sweet. 🙂  And then intentionally said nothing when I tried to convince my group that the only proper outcome for our negotiation was for both parties (an engineer and a dentist) to concede that their joint venture had no clear vision or mission, nor business plan nor strategy. And that they should hire someone to help them with the business side. Since all of the disputes arose out of a fundamental lack of business know-how. Not sure how far this will get me in the negotiation role play, but its the real problem! I can’t just turn off the MBA side of me when I’m at the law school. Likewise, I irritatingly like to point out when proposed plans are actually illegal when my groups are brainstorming at the BSchool.


We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled VDay posts later today or tomorrow. 🙂  Just had a take a moment to air my utter confusion at school sometimes.




4 Responses to “Things I Learn In School.”

  1. Shannon February 15, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    I’m curious to see what you mean about engineers needing an MBA. As an engineer, I’d be intrigued by your response.

    • sasharoundtheclock February 16, 2012 at 7:53 am #

      Well, like I said in the example, both people had science backgrounds, no one had a business background at all. And the business was failing, primarily because there was no vision, mission, no strategy, no marketing plan. That’s when an MBA comes in handy 😛 I’m obviously not saying that no engineers could run a successful business without a business person. I am just saying that I have met a lot of engineers who feel like MBAs don’t add value… but have no idea how to run the finance, accounting, marketing, and strategy sides of a business. It’s difficult (though not impossible) to run a successful business if you do not have any finance/acct/mktg/strat people.
      I’m picking on engineers an lawyers because I have experience with enough of them thinking that they don’t need business people. When in reality, MBAs add a ton of value.

      • Shannon February 16, 2012 at 11:00 am #

        Oh I agree in that sense that not everyone has the business sense. Personally, I know I would need many more years before I could acquire that. There’s a lot of things people don’t realize when trying to run a business.

        I can definitely see how you might be frustrated because, no offense to you, but most lawyers, engineers, and business people think they are better than average and the ego gets in the way of learning.

      • sasharoundtheclock February 16, 2012 at 11:02 am #

        Haha yeah, I agree. I think that if people worked together more instead of arguing who was better, things would go better! 🙂

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