To Do List Triage

4 Feb

I was chatting with a friend of mine, and I was telling him that I was playing hookie from class earlier this week in order to catch up on my assignments. He said something to the effect of, that’s not hookie, that sounds more like triage.


It’s true. Everyday I have this gigantic to do list. It is never, ever possible to finish in one day. So those items get shoved off onto the next day. And each day it gets longer and less manageable.


I feel like I am drowning.

I foolishly scheduled social events for this weekend. Oh silly me. I thought if I just work hard, I could get there.

I can’t get there.  I am going to go bowling tonight because it has been scheduled for nearly three weeks, and because the groupon will expire. But other than that, I can’t do anything but work.  It feels endless.

I want to go to the superbowl party tomorrow, but at this rate, I will be at my computer. Working. Since five hours of my day tomorrow will get consumed with class. Yes. I have class on Sundays.

March 10th can not get here soon enough.





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