Today was fabulous + NaBloPoMo January Wrap Up

31 Jan

Last post for the NaBloPoMo January challenge!  I did a pretty good job. According to my little calendar, I missed the 14th, the 27th and the 29th.  The 27th stank because I did write one before I went to bed… but it was technically after midnight. Boo!  So I wrote twice on the 28th.


I legit missed the 14th and 29th. (oh, and the first. I started late.)


But this journey has been really fun and a really great experience. I feel like I’ve found my voice a little bit and had a good time doing it. I also got some rando followers. I’ve always wanted rando followers!  If you are one of aforementioned rando followers.. welcome!  And I encourage you to take this chance to introduce yourself to us in the comments!  If I think you’re interesting or cool, I’ll add you to my blog reader, and MAYBE even to my blogroll!

(Since there is.. you know.. just one person in my blogroll. I don’t want to add people to that who don’t want to be added to it! )

Here are a few things I noticed:

1. The smileys look really unprofessional, but I love them and can’t seem to stop using them

2. I like multi-topical subject lines, and tend to put my subjects in the wrong order. As you can see, I’m doing my wrap up before I get to my summary of today.

3. Holy moly, I can italicize things! Expect a decreased frequency of inappropriately used ALL CAPS starting now.

4. I like writing in my blog 🙂


So, I don’t know if I will keep writing as frequently, or slow down a bit. I would bet slow down a bit 😉  but  I will do my best to keep posting interesting deals and tidbits!


Now, for my wrap up of today:

Ways today was awesome:

1. played a little hookie in order to catch up on some work, and got to gchat with friends in the process

2. Actually got a little down time and watched Hart of Dixie

3. Won 5 dollars in my Negotiation class

4. Heard  a funny story about someone who is no longer a friend

5. Excited about France

6. The lovely Lauren introduced and treated me to the DUC salad bar and it was fabulous!  Citrus vinegar? Why did I not know this existed?

7. Got to talk about Grey’s Anatomy (alternate universe episode this Thurs!) with Alysha

8.  Made it home before 9 pm and am typing this while watching my bunny be cute



Anyway, it’s been a good day. Now to write a memo and get to bed because I have a work out date with Nancy at 5:45.. AM!


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