A little bit of Magic aka… happy graduation to ME!

30 Jan

A brief background… for the last three to four years, Jonathan and I have been dreaming of biking the french countryside.

We wanted to book a tour through an actual company who would shuttle our luggage from place to place for us, provide convenient bike routes, and book all of our hotels. Basically, we wanted it to be as stress-less as possible. Because if you’ve met me, and I plan the itinerary, it becomes very, very packed and very,very scheduled. (Cough cough.. any family members remember the 6 am start times on our Phoenix trip?)

Anyway, we found a tour we loved. And have been saving for a few years now, also.

And then plane tickets went up. And then the money we had saved and invested tanked. And we decided we should be responsible and not go.

And then the magic happened. Plane tickets plummeted. My investment went up. All of the sudden financial synergy occurred.

We. Have. Booked. Flights.



Now Jonathan just needs to find his passport… ahem. ahem.


Also.. time to seriously increase my biking training. SERIOUSLY!!!!



One Response to “A little bit of Magic aka… happy graduation to ME!”

  1. Kendragon January 31, 2012 at 7:55 am #

    WOW!! That is so awesome!
    And talk about motivation to pass all your classes and keep up with the fitness.
    I’m so happy this trip worked out for you in the end.

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