26 Jan
Real conversation from today:
 Alysha:  lmao
just don’t talk about nsync/bsb
 me:  you are tearing up my heart
but i want it that way
i hope you get my joke
 Alysha:  i got it
 Alysha:  …unfortunately
This one time, I was at FYE with my sister. And she was taking forever and I was super bored. So I loudly started proclaiming my love for Nsync. And the backstreet boys. Mind you, this was several years after they fell off the face of the planet (except for Justin Timberlake, and in Japan.)
So it was super embarrassing.
If you didn’t get my joke in the above chat… tearing up my heart, I want it that way, and everybody(backstreet’s back) are Nsync and Backstreet Boys songs.

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