Things I learn in school….

24 Jan

1. There are more honors kids in India than there are total kids in the U.S.

2. By the time you finish a 4 year degree, half of what you have learned is obsolete (more true the more technology-based your degree is)

3.  Never turn your back to your audience during a presentation.

4.  Checks are way more complicated than I ever realized and I have probably exposed myself to revocation of provisional funds risk numerous times.

5.  People care about brand names of cement.


It’s been a really exciting two days over here, if you can’t tell.  I feel like I am filling my brain with more random information that isn’t actually getting me anywhere closer to a career.

Ah well. Time to go write an arbitration agreement clause.


One Response to “Things I learn in school….”

  1. Shannon January 25, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    Cement is very important! I have to double check what cement every project using concrete has. It’s so important to go over the details. Granted, I’m more concerned with type than actually brand, but whatever.

    What do you mean by checks being complicated?

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