Friday the 13th Memories

13 Jan

I woke up this morning to a text from one of my high school friends, asking if I remember my Friday the 13th parties, which made my day!

So in a trip down memory lane….

When I was in high school, if ever there would be a Friday the 13th, I would beg my mom to let me throw a sleep over!  The most memorable one involved a seance with rituals we obviously made up and got from a book in the library. Now, back then, one of my male friends, Jeff, had a huge crush on my friend and sleep-over attendee, Amanda. Jeff was (still is) a huge nerd and was the kind of guy who hung out in the science labs and wore pocket protectors. Amanda was the kind of girl who was also pretty nerdy, got straight A’s always, took super precise notes, and all the teachers loved her. It was a match made in heaven! Right? Wrong! Amanda wanted nothing to do with Jeff!

So for this Friday the 13th party, we decided to have a seance and do some spells, because we were fourteen and silly and thought it would be hilarious. So we checked out a book of spells from the library, and decided to do a love spell to make Amanda fall in love with Jeff, which would have been hilarious! The spell required some hair from Jeff, so during lunch that Friday before the sleepover, Reema, myself, and another friend all went up to the science labs to find a way to trick Jeff into giving us some of his hair. Now, we were all participants in this extracurricular called Science Olympiad, and an event in Science Olympiad involved looking at hair samples under a microscope. Perfect excuse, right?

Wrong! We put Reema up to actually asking Jeff. Poor Reema was laughing so hard that she was doubled over, clutching her stomach, and her brown skin was actually turning red from laughing so hard! She finally spits out, “We need some of your hair!”

Now, I will never really understand what happened next. My other friend and I were also laughing incredibly hard, and I am sure we looked like total a bunch of total spazzes. However, Jeff, the good obliging chap, grabbed a pair of scissors and just cut a chunk of his hair out of the back of his head, leaving a dime-sized hairless spot that persisted for atleast a week.  We bagged up the hair and we were on our way!

Needless to say, the spell didn’t work, and Amanda never fell in love with Jeff. As for the seance part, I didn’t feel anything other worldly, but Amanda got super creeped out so we cut it short and switched gears to snacks and movies. But, despite that, the Friday the 13th party was hilarious and a hit!

So, thanks, Reema, for the text this morning, and thanks, Jeff, for giving us some of your hair and creating one of my favorite stories from high school that always, always makes me laugh.

I don’t know if this post was amusing to anyone else, because, well, you don’t know these people or the intense amount of awkwardness and hilarity.  But it was a nice trip down memory lane!

And, to finish up this post, a real conversation I just had with Jeff:

me: Jeff i have a question for you
 Jeff: fire away
 me: im writing about you in my blog lol
  so that one time that we asked you for a chunk of your hair
 Jeff: ruh roh
 me: why did you just give it to us?
  i have never understood
  why you just grabbed scissors
  and gave yourself a week long bald spot
 Jeff: so you’d leave me alone
  ok lol
Jeff: i like keeping my hair short
  and really don’t care what my hair looks like in general
  so it was worth it
  y’all were pestering a great deal about it
I  like how, 11 years later, he instantly knew exactly what I was talking about. That’s how funny and awkward it was.
Here’s wishing everyone a happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!

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