The frustrations of my MBA program

11 Jan

Today’s post is brought to you by the absolute frustration I am feeling at my program. Let me break down this situation for you….

We have a class that is required for graduation. It is a simulation class. In the past, the simulation was done over a weekend, and it was not necessary to register for the same section as all of your team mates. That is important piece number one. Important piece number two is that you have to have a team of four “roles” and there are qualifications for those roles. In the past, I have heard, the qualifications for the roles weren’t as serious.

Okay, so they changed the way it works this year. This year, your team has to be all in the same section. Well, luckily for me I did not find that out until after we had registered for different sections! So half of my team is in the other section, leaving us half a team short. Since three of our team members are joint degree students, switching sections this late in the game is not an option. Okay, so me and my other team member need two more team members.

So I figure, like will all group project things, that I’ll just wait until the first day of class to compose my team, and see who’s available, no big deal. Well then we get this email saying you have to form your team ASAP to have a code for the simulation, and they are going to be strict on roles.

Okay, so I send out an email to my class asking for people who are looking for a team. I get an offer to defect from my friend and join another team. Which I briefly consider, until, the TA sends an email saying he will fill in the teams. My friend emails him, and he assures her he will keep us together and fill in our team for us. So I decline the offer and figure, all done.

Well, this morning there is an email about incomplete teams and my team is on that list. Looking at the roster of teams and people left without teams, it is impossible to complete teams unless people play roles they are not technically qualified for.

Cue an email exchange about whether I can play a role I don’t qualify for. I don’t usually blast my program on the internet, but I feel really angry that I have worked hard to try to put together a team, and been thwarted more than once, and then treated in a way that I consider to be rude.

Flat out rude.

So here’s the short version:

I had a team, and then they changed the policy about cross-sectional teams.

Then I had an opportunity to join a team, but the TA assured us he would fill in our team for us.

Then when he didn’t, and I contacted the professor, I get called out for taking initiative because that’s the CEO’s role.


Well, I’m sorry. I can’t just sit back and watch my opportunity to graduate go down the toilet.

I am so angry. And feeling ill again so I guess I better lay down.



2 Responses to “The frustrations of my MBA program”

  1. Shannon January 11, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    I wish I could offer help. I understand how frustrating that can be and I got lucky that my professors were always willing to work with me so I could graduate on time. Good luck and I really do hope you feel better!

    • sasharoundtheclock January 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

      Thanks, Shannon! This is the most frustrated I have ever been, and instead of resting all morning, I’ve been frantically trying to handle this. UGH!!!

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