Stomach Flu for Weight Loss

10 Jan

Not the recommended path to weight loss, as the last two days have been completely miserable. But I dropped 4 lbs basically over night! I’m assuming once I start eating again (maybe tonight?)  I’ll put it right back on. But it was an exciting trip to the scale… I was down 4 lbs wearing sweats.

Anyway, that’s the silver lining to the dark cloud that was the last two days. Yesterday, I felt so awful I couldn’t even make it to the couch to watch tv. I laid in bed feeling disgusting, and just waiting for the next puking episode to hit me. Today was much better. I still feel awful, but it looks like I’m finally on the mend. I actually made it out of bed around noon, and have been parked on the couch. I did some work for an attorney I’m working for, for about two hours, and that was about all I could handle for today. Then it was back to the couch, again!

Now I’m writing this quick post, but I’m probably going to doze off again soon.

I’ll try to be more lively/interesting tomorrow.

Thanks to Jonathan for writing for me yesterday. I was so sick I could barely sit up. :/


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