Salt dough ornaments

4 Jan



Another shout out to one of my favorite craft blogs, . In November, she posted a tutorial for a fun, cheap, and relatively easy craft:

Salt dough ornaments! So my friends Nancy and Kendra decided to try this out with me. These are just three of the ones I did. Some of my best ones were given away for Christmas, and I didn’t think to take a picture of them at the time.  Maybe if Alysha sees this, I can convince her to take a picture of hers and send it to me!

Anyway, I like how they turned out, and I had a fun afternoon in December crafting with my friends!  I would have posted pictures sooner, but I didn’t want the recipients of my little handmade gifts seeing them and knowing what they looked like ahead of time.


Ps… consider this my post for 1/4. I don’t know why the date stamp on wordpress keeps messing this up, but I swear its 11:15 pm on Jan 4th my time. 🙂

pps… if you’re just joining my blog, there is a very logical reason for the word pancakes being stamped on a bunny face… that is.. i have a bunny named Pancakes.

ppps… that first one says “peace on earth.”  It got a little scrunched.


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