3 Jan

I’m doing NaBloPoMo this year, which is basically a challenge to write everyday for a month. If you are looking at my posting calendar, you will notice two things:

1. Today is January 3rd, and there are only two posts including this one.

2. That means I am already two days behind.


Well, friends, the lovely food post, I actually wrote and uploaded before midnight yesterday. I have no idea why WordPress has labeled it January 3rd, when, it is in fact from January 2nd.

So I really only missed the first day. Which, honestly, was because I forgot.


This might be sort of a cheating post, since today all I am writing about is the fact that I intend to write something every single day. Feel free to leave me comments telling me I am lame.  I just remembered that I had signed up and wanted to do this. (Luckily I wrote yesterday anyway so I’m not terribly behind, and unluckily wordpress thinks I just wrote twice today.)


Anyway, I will try to make my posts much more interesting for the rest of the month. I have some adorable pictures of pancakes and some pictures of crafts I’ve done, and a few things I’ve been thinking about writing. And there is a thread of prompts at


Any bloggers out there want to join me for NaBloPoMo January?  It’s not too late to get started.. obviously. 🙂

And, are there any topics or subjects that anyone would like to see me post about?  Ask away!


I’m excited. 🙂


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