New Years Resolution: Be Intentional

29 Dec

I have already written about how weight watchers seems to be working for me. I work hard to record all of my food intake and activity output and try to stay within the boundaries set for me.

I just put together a budget for us, and we are going to try to stick to the boundaries we set for each category.

I also reorganized my desk and created a “to sort” stack and a “to do” stack, since those types of piles frequently get mixed up.

As I was doing these things, I realized what I was doing was forcing myself to not spacily float through my days, eating whatever, spending whatever, and putting my stuff wherever. I am trying to force myself to be intentional in those areas.

And I realized that trying to live with intention is a much better New Year’s resolution than “lose ten lbs” or “save more money.”  I started thinking that the things I usually resolve to do are consequences of actions, not actual actions I can take. So my overall resolution is to be more intentional. And sticking to weight watchers, budgets, and organization in my house are tools to help me be intentional. And hopefully losing weight, saving money, and having an organized house will be natural (and exciting) consequences of my resolution.

I know we’re really talking about semantics here, but I think that making a resolution about my mindset and attitude is going to be more fulfilling than making a resolution about the outcome of my year.





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