New Technology!

23 Dec

For my birthday, my parents (with some advice/help from my sister) got me a new phone and a data plan! I feel so lucky! I love, love, love my new phone! It’s a G2X android. I can do so many things on it, like check email, play games, download stuff, listen to music. It’s amazing. I’ve barely been on a computer since I got it!


I need to figure out how to blog and how to post pictures from it. It has an awesome camera and I have taken several great pictures I’d love to share eventually.


I can’t believe how much fun this phone is! Okay, sorry, I’m more than a little excited!

I am glad Alysha has been around to teach me how to use it. She’s had an android for years, and knows all about this sort of thing. The first day, I felt so old and slow, I couldn’t figure anything out. But Alysha taught me all about apps and widgets and screens and zooms. She also set me up a Words With Friends account… Scrabble has always been one of my favorite games and now I can play all the time on my phone! 🙂

I am sure I am not using my phone to its fullest potential, but I am enjoying it.  🙂


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