19 Dec

Mine, that is!

I had a really fun several days of celebrating! I already wrote about the really great party Jonathan threw me on Thursday…

So on Friday I turned in my paper, took my exam, met with Melissa for lunch at Houlihans (free entree for my birthday!), went shopping, worked out, came home, packed for our trip, and then started my accounting exam…


Finished around 3:30 am, decided to clean the kitchen, went to bed at 4:30. The alarm went off at 5, but Jonathan let me sleep until around 5:45 while he loaded the car.

We then drove to Ohio, and I spent the afternoon finishing my Christmas shopping with Mom… although we maybe ended up getting more stuff for me than I ended up getting for other people! Oops! 🙂 Then Mom and I went out for a deliciously amazing dinner at a french restaurant in town! It was amazing. The scallops were absolutely perfect, served over leaks and thin slices of potato with a blood orange beurre noisette (brown butter).  I highly recommend Rue Dumaine in Centerville, OH, just for the record. Food is amazing, service is amazing, atmosphere is pretty good. 🙂  Thanks, Mom! 🙂

After dinner, Jonathan and I met up with some high school friends which was also great. Then this morning we hit the road for Hershey, Pa. My college roommate from senior year is getting married, so we are here for the wedding tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s been a busy few days, but between the party, dinner with Mom, great friends, time with Jonathan, and all of the calls, messages, texts, and fb messages, it has been a really wonderful birthday!

26 doesn’t feel much different than 25, except I am starting to feel a little bit like..”where have the last four years gone??”

I guess grad school will do that to you! 😉




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