Work Hard to Play Hard to Work Hard some more!

16 Dec

Due to prior complained about exam schedules, I had a very, very busy day! When I woke up this morning, left on my exam plate were:

1. Writing a 12 page take home

2. Preparing for a 3 hour in class exam

3. Taking an accounting take home


Also on the schedule for tonight was a birthday party (for me, so I definitely could not skip!).  When we planned said party, we had originally planned it for Friday night, and then found out that over half of our invitees were not available due to incredibly unimportant things like office parties and going home for the holiday break… come on guys.. my birthday… way more important! Just kidding 😉 But anyway, we scheduled it for Thursday, and when we scheduled it, I had a solid plan for being completely done by then… hah!

Anyway, knowing I had to take a 9 am in school exam (last chance to take it!) tomorrow morning, I knew I had to finish my 12 page take home (due at 8 am tomorrow morning) before my party. I did a pretty good job. I worked all day long, only taking a 30 minute break in the afternoon. I pounded out 10 pages before my party.

The party was great! It was a movie themed party, and so Jonathan had planned a veritable smorgasbord of delicious movie-themed treats! We had three types of popcorn (regular, italian, and cajun), nachos and queso, homemade pretzels with raspberry mustard sauce and butter salt sauce, zucchini pizza bites, lime sherbet punch, M&Ms, seasoned roasted chick peas, and a Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla cake which was surprisingly more amazing than I had anticipated!

About 16 of my friends here were able to make it, and it was a really great time! I received a few very thoughtful gifts and was really touched by how many people came by!   The party adjorned around 10:15 and by 11:15 I had finished my paper! So I can go to bed at a somewhat reasonable time, and still have time to get up early, organize my notes, and get to my exam.

Very productive day!

Tomorrows schedule looks something like this:

9 am – 1 pm exam

1-1:30 run around campus returning books and collecting accounting homework.

1:30 lunch

3:00 personal training

nebulously in the afternoon/evening: pack, do accounting final, get last christmas presents, take bunny to be boarded, finish financial aid paperwork so I can afford classes next semester, etc etc etc.  It may be an all nighter tomorrow night to get that accounting final in, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!



One Response to “Work Hard to Play Hard to Work Hard some more!”

  1. laurel alexander December 16, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    wish we could have come! miss you!

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