Bunny Training Success!

1 Dec

When we first got Pancakes, we had one heck of a time trying to get him back into his cage. Since my classes start after Jonathan has to leave for work, getting him back in his cage in the mornings after play time usually was my job. After a while of being frustrated daily, I figured out that my little bunny loves raisins! So I would hold a raisin in front of his nose and painstakingly lead him from wherever he was to his cage.

After awhile, he learned that the big red thing meant raisins, so when I got the big red thing down, he would run to me, begging for a raisin. And I would hold it in front of his nose and lead him to his cage.

After awhile of that, he learned raisins meant cage so he would run to his cage. And I would wave it around inside his cage until he actually got into his cage.

And now he’s good. I shake the raisin container, and he sprints into his cage.

Today, I shook the raisin container and spilled raisins all over the floor by mistake. My well-trained bunny looked at them, ran right over them, and straight to his cage without being distracted for a second!

Gooood Pancakes! 🙂

On a side note, we have long curtains in my office that touch the floor. I usually have them tied up so Pancakes can’t chew on them, but he managed to get one down… then he got behind it… and played a really cute peek a boo game where he poked his nose out from under the curtain, darted back in, then poked it out again from another spot.  I wish I had had my camera handy!


Here’s an obligatory cute-bunny picture… it’s actually from when we first got him.. but since I’m writing about him I thought I should atleast put a picture up! 


One Response to “Bunny Training Success!”

  1. Jonathan December 1, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    awwwe, good pancakes!!

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