End of November recap

30 Nov

Well, friends, November came and left in the blink of an eye!

Thanksgiving weekend was interesting. Jonathan went to Ohio to see his family for Thanksgiving, and this grad student stayed home and studied, studied, studied! On actual Thanksgiving, some of my friends in town were free in the evening, so we met up for some IHOP and then board games. So I wasn’t too lonely!

One of Jonathan’s sisters, Monika, also went to Ohio for Thanksgiving. Both of Jonathan’s sisters live in Oklahoma, so the natural over night spot is at our place, since we are smack dab in the middle of the route between OK and OH. So we got to see Monika, her husband, Dave, and our three adorable nephews. And, we got to see them twice, in fact!

The kiddo on the right is Ben, who is five, and the kiddo on the left is Tim who is almost three. Aren’t they cute? They also got a kick out of Pancakes, our bunny:


And, they bought us a present…

These kids cups from First Watch are really cute, especially since our bunny is named pancakes and the syrup on the side of the pancake stack looks sort of like a bunny ear!


I guess that was really a Thanksgiving recap.  And in case you were feeling sorry for me for not having a real Thanksgiving, my friend Laurel (who moved out of the state last summer with her husband) was back in town to see her family for Thanksgiving, and they had an awesome Thanksgiving meal the weekend before Thanksgiving and invited me and Jonathan! So that was double fun…. great food and getting to see friends !

Now for the November recap:

– Jonathan and I joined a gym, and have been using bootcamp and personal training groupons, so fitness has been a huge focus this month!

– I lost 5 pounds this month and am doing great towards getting to my goal weight!

– A lot of studying. A. Lot.

– It was my mom’s and my sister’s birthdays this month, so belated happy birthday shout outs! (don’t worry, I did remember on the actual day!) Alysha turned TWENTY TWO!! How is that even possible?  btw… in March I am going to share my favorite Alysha story ever… so stay tuned!

– More studying… haha.

– I did, in fact, see Breaking Dawn in theaters, and that was definitely worth it.

– No snow yet here, hoping that sticks for awhile. I am not ready for snow!


Looking forward to December, to hopefully seeing everyone in my family, to Christmas crafts, and to travel! And.. of course… my birthday! Just gotta get through two weeks of exams and projects first. So.. here we go!



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