Lesson Learned

17 Nov

Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant and we are NOT trying to get pregnant right now. (Someone is going to not really read this and get the wrong idea, I just know that.) Okay.. back to my post…
If you are married, and especially if you’ve been married for more than one year, or, oh my goodness, three years…
You can no longer state that you are excited about things without someone assuming you are pregnant.

I guess there is nothing left in life to be excited about at this stage in our marriage…. And we are not pregnant (and not trying to be pregnant) so I guess I better just get out the cheesaritos and ice cream and drown my sorrows of my unexciting life in cheap sitcoms.

Actually… I can’t do that because I would be excited about that.

If I sound really rude and sarcastic online, I promise I’m really just kidding and I think it’s hilarious.

This is like the tenth time that I’ve posted something on Facebook (I know.. I know.. my own fault) that I never imagined someone would take to mean I was pregnant… but low and behold, someone does.

But really, guys, come on, I’m a fourth year dual degree grad student. If I got pregnant, I’d probably literally die of the stress.

And if somehow I magically did live long enough to birth a baby, it would probably have chronic ulcers at birth just from living inside of me!

And if somehow, we magically did have a normal non-ulcered baby, social services would probably take the baby away because I am not currently fit to be a parent. Most fourth year law students aren’t. Trust me, I know a few. I barely manage to feed myself… if it weren’t for Jonathan, I am sure I would live off a steady diet of popcorn, applesauce, and hot tea. I know this because I basically did that in undergrad when I was over-committed to to many projects and things.

So, atleast hold the pregnancy talk until after I graduate?

Okay, thanks.

in other news, I am excited! About a lot of things! Job opportunities, which I won’t post hear until something comes to fruition. The holiday season. Seeing friends from afar. Being one semester away from graduation. Lots and lots of things! I guess it’s just that time of year!


4 Responses to “Lesson Learned”

  1. Shannon November 17, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    Can I just say that I thought your excited news was one of the things you mentioned you actually were excited for? I just thought Jonathan did something sweet, you discovered something new, etc. My mind doesn’t automatically assume you’re pregnant.

    Though, you’d probably be more responsible than other people I know, so it’s all good.

  2. Benazeer November 19, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    I assumed it was a job offer 😛

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