Still Unsure About the Name

29 Oct

Hey friends… it is totally tied up. Two votes for Sash Around the Clock and two for Sasha Round the Clock.

Anyone else have any opinions?  And I really do want to put people on my blogroll! 🙂


Nothing too eventful happened this week. I mean, yeah, the Cardinals won a world series or something, but psh nothing too exciting.  (I’m just kidding, it was very exciting. Even though we didn’t go to the game.)

I also got a fabulous package from A. (my little sister). we have a tradition of exchanging halloween packages and this year hers just took. the. cake. Among many fabulous things, there were lights shaped like mummies, gel clings, strawberry cotton candy candy corn, tea light holders, and candy corn shaped tray, and lots and lots of other things! We worked on cleaning last night so that we could put up all the decorations today! So there should be pictures tomorrow 🙂


I also fixed my class schedule so that I’m a little less stressed out, and my friend Joelle and I started a twice a week work out schedule! We started yesterday with 1.5 hours of intenseness!  My legs hurt so bad today haha.

Atleast I’ll get to stretch them out at six flags later! 🙂



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