Oh, Technology.

11 Apr

In some ways, technology is amazing. I have been able to stay in touch with friends and family in ways that our parents never dreamt possible.

In some ways, technology holds us back from forming real relationships and connections. I get really discouraged when I hear big news from people I consider close to me via Facebook status. I get discouraged when wall posts replace emails and phone calls. I get discouraged when I don’t ever have individual communication anymore, everything is out there for everyone.

I know I’m guilty of this. I know I only told my family when we got engaged and then posted it on Facebook because it was easier. Back then, Facebook was new and exciting and I had no idea how it would change the way I look at relationships.

And, as if to add irony to my point, I miss getting personal emails. Forget snail mail or phone calls. I miss emails!

Anyway, I was just thinking about technology. I know its a part of my life (look, I’m blogging right now), and I appreciate a lot of things the fabulous internet has done for us (no more calling cranky reference librarians when I need to look something up for homework), and I do like keeping in touch with so many people so easily.

But, I also desire real relationships where people feel special and important to me, and I feel special and important to them. So I am going to make a conscious effort to do that!




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