Fun times in C-Bus!

25 Mar

I spent nine days in Ohio for my Spring Break, and I have a one thing to say… boy is it nice to spend time with my family!!!!

we spent a day in Centerville for my Dad’s birthday. I will just say he is 70, since it makes it easier… although we aren’t 100% sure. My dad is a bit wiley and won’t give us the real skinny on his age!  We went to a Chinese buffet, and boy, does Centerville kick StL’s behind when it comes to Chinese food!!!

The rest of the time, I spent in Columbus near Ohio State with Alysha. It was so relaxing! Staying up late, sleeping in, shopping! What a great time! We bought matching black Coach clutches! Hooray for Outlet malls! Alysha also cooked dinner for me, which was fun!

We also saw Lincoln Lawyer, which we both really enjoyed. (legal thriller… what’s not to love?)

We also had a private table at a place with dueling pianos for St. Patty’s Day. That was pretty darn awesome! And Alysha bought me the cutest St. Patrick’s day socks! Next time I wear them, I will have to take a picture! I took one, but it was really dark, so you can’t see them very clearly.

Alysha’s room in her apartment is huge, and she has a tiny room (more like a closet) connected to her room. The tiny room had enough space for a twin mattress and a desk, so I felt like I had a little dorm room while I was staying there! It was very cute!

Anyway, it was a fabulous time, and I got back to STL on Sunday with just enough time to frantically pound out 12 pages to complete my seminar draft.  Now life is back to normal!






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