Mid-Week Vacations Make the Week so Much Better!

7 Mar

The funny thing about time off of work, which I do not fully understand as I have never had a full time job, is that there is this precarious balance between wanting to use your days off in fun and exciting ways and wanting to save days in case something comes up.

We saved two days. Well, Jonathan saved two days. And as the “use it or lose it” day approached, he considered using those two days to bum around the house. As his wife, I thought this would be a tragic waste of time off!

So, last Wednesday, we took a mid-week vacay. I don’t have classes on Wednesdays, so we drove about an hour and a half out to Crown Valley Winery, spent the afternoon taste-testing and driving around a tiny town, and spent the night in a bed and breakfast. On the way back to town on Thursday, we ate lunch at a pretty neat restaurant downtown called Triumph Grille. It’s attached to a motorcycle museum, which was really interesting to wander through.

That evening, we went to the business school formal. It was held at the Chase Park Plaza, on the top floor, and was pretty darn fancy pants!  Here’s a pic from the event:

Then, on Friday, I had a make-up class, and it was back to the real world for me 😦 (Jonathan had training instead of work, so he didn’t really go back to the real world until today, and I hear he was swamped from being out of the office for three days in a row!)


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