More Toe Angst

6 Mar

Here is a recap of my (semi-recent) toe injuries.

Spring 2008: Ripped toenail off of big toe on left foot at an International Case Competition two days before we competed. Hobbled around in flip flops in Seattle in March. It was cold. Had to stand and give a 30 minute presentation in 4 inch stilletos… TWICE (since we made the final round.) Extremely painful, collapsed into my teammate’s arms in tears the minute we walked out. The presentation was put online, I think I held it together quite well.

Spring 2008: Big toe finally feeling better… so I can start working out to get ready for my wedding! (No real toenail on there, but atleast I could get gym shoes on!) Got the p90x series.. first work out, kicked a chair. Xrays showed a sprained and possibly slightly fractured toe. Crutches plus taped little toes on my right foot.

Spring 2011: Two weeks ago… After alot of traveling, finally ready to get running again! Kick gate that keeps Pancakes (our bunny) from getting out as im stepping over it, partially right big toe nail off of right big toe. Pretty painful. Have 3 hour job interview the next day, must wear 4 inch stilletos. Extremely painful.

Spring 2011: Today: Big toe finally healed! Decide to pack in paper-writing early and get a work out! Drop back pack on toe. Most pain I’ve ever experienced for about an hour. I am a big baby about it. Call my Dad, he tells me to heat a needle and stick it in to relieve pressure. This is also extremely painful… and gross! But, it seems to be working, the pain is bearable, although the multiple ibuprofens may also be helping with that. Likelihood of working out soon: low. I also stubbed the two middle toes later on a step stool as I was hobbling around the house. Yay. Me.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? Why can’t my toes just not get hurt?????

I think subconsciously I prefer extreme pain to working out…. what is up with that??


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