Terre Haute for the Weekend…

26 Feb

Most happening place ever… j/k. But, let’s just be honest, I’m not really a “happening places” kind of girl. I like quiet places.. anyway. Moving on.

Why am I here? My little sister, Alysha, had a graduate school interview. Since its her first one, and Terre Haute is only 3 hours from St. Louis, I decided to come give her some moral support! Her interview was yesterday and she thinks it went well! We’re going to explore the city today, so she can see what it looks like!

Yesterday, I found out you can BUY houses in good condition here for about 30,000!! WHAAAT? I need a Shawn Spencer “Whaaaaaat?” right now. (If you watch Psych, you know what I mean.) I thought I got a good deal on my house, but DANG!

Anyway, today should be a great day!


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