Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Jonathan and I had a very nice Valentine’s Day! We trade who plans what holiday, so this year he was in charge of planning Valentine’s Day, and I’m in charge of our anniversary.

Anyway, we did our official celebration on Saturday, since I knew I’d spend most of the day (and evening) at the school on Monday. Part one of our celebration involved walking around the mall together, as a throwback to our earliest dates. Then, we came home, and cooked a fancy-pants dinner together! I wish I had taken pictures! Jonathan had set up the table with candles, our wedding china, and a bouquet of flowers!

We made tarragon steak, champagne risotto with asparagus, and then had chocolate fondue for dessert. It was so much fun to cook together, and then share a meal together. 🙂

Then, on real Valentine’s Day, we decided to meet near the school for dinner together. Jonathan met me at IHOP with balloons, and we shared pancakes! He also got me a beautiful heart pendant! Here’s the stock photo, I’ll upload real photos later:
VDay Gift!

When I finally got home that evening, and checked the mail, there was a Valentine from Jonathan! He had written me a poem in a card and put it in the mail box! It was cheesy, but so cute and sweet!

Anyway, it was amazing to just spend some time together!
I had a very interesting experience on my way to dinner. I swung into Walgreens to grab a valentine’s day card for Jonathan. First of all, the parking lot was packed. I had to circle around a few times to get a spot. Then, the greeting card lane was packed with people in slacks and button downs. Professionals. All of whom had waited until the absolute last second to get their loved one a card. I already felt bad enough about how busy I’ve been lately, and not putting more thought/effort into the card. As I stood there, looking down at my shiny dress shoes and pinstripe pants, I realized that this is not what I want life to be like. I want to have time for the people to care about.

For now, I do the best I can, between assignments and readings and interviews. I’m a law student. What more can I do?

Today, we just scheduled a winery getaway package for the first week of March! For a Wednesday night. I don’t have class on Wednesdays, and I am determined to get my work done and leave it all. at. home.


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