5 Dec

So this is my Thanksgiving post! I went to Sweden to visit my little sister! I was traveling from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to the Monday after. It was a fantastic trip! We spent the first two days in Stockholm.

Day 1: Wednesday, I arrive. We honestly don’t do much besides check into our hotel and get dinner because I am exhausted.

Day 2:
We saw the Vasa Museum, which has a giant boat that sunk but has been salvaged and preserved. We also saw the Nordic Museum, the Aquarium, and the Natural History Museum. We also rode around on the public transportation ALOT, and so got to see alot of Stockholm. We ate dinner at TGIFriday’s to commemorate American Thanksgiving.

Day 3: Friday, we walked around Gamla Stan, which is the historic area of Stockholm. We shopped at souvenir shops and even went to a Viking shop! Then we started the long travel to Uppsala. (This is the day my knee started being ridiculous!) We also bought silly ear-flap hats!

Above, is a fountain where the Stockholm Bloodbath occurred. Such a morbid history for such a beautiful place!

Day 4: Saturday, we saw a church (I forget what it’s called) and a really cool museum called the Gustavianum. We also saw a little Christmas market, that had outdoor stands. We drank glogg, which is a mulled warm fruit drink, and bought homemade jam and cheese.

Day 5: Sunday, we took a train to this town that has a much bigger Christmas market. We bought little trinkets like hand made ornaments, and Alysha even bought a really neat wooden welcome sign! We made it home around supper time, and PACKED!

Day 6: I had to head back home. We arrive at the airport and my flight was cancelled! What a bummer! So I got rerouted into Copenhagen, where I bought lunch where I had no idea what I was buying or how much it costs! Yay for credit cards, right? I finally, finally made it home around 11 pm, after traveling for literally 24 hours and very little sleep. It was such an awesome trip though, and way worth it!


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