13 Oct

Exactly one week ago, we acquired a new family member. We got a lionhead/lop mix, which is a super cute type of bunny, if you did not know that, and we named him Pancakes!

Pancakes has three bowls in his cage: one for pellet food, one for water, and one for food treats. Today, Betsy and I were feeding him some romaine lettuce, and he got distracted by the curtains on the window (which obviously must get attacked!), so I ripped the lettuce into bits and put them in his pellet food bowl.

Shortly there after, Betsy had to leave, so I left Pancakes unattended, loose in my office, and went to lock the door behind Betsy.

I was worried about what Pancakes might do while I was gone. Over all, he is a good bunny, but he does occasionally try to chew on the furniture, which I do not like.

So I returned to my office, filled with dread, and found that cute little bunny in his cage (we leave the door open when he’s having “play time,” which is usually supervised unless mommy has to let her friend out), like a good boy eating lettuce.

The especially cute thing about this is that he had moved the lettuce from his food bowl, across the cage, into his treat bowl, and was now chowing down on his “treat!”

Anyway, having a bunny is really fun, and Pancakes is such a cute little bunny! We are enjoying him!


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