Summer is turning to fall

8 Aug

Wow, this summer has truly been a whirlwind. It is like I blinked, and here we are, three weeks away from school starting up again.

Jonathan earned an 8.5% raise as well as a title promotion, and I am so proud of him. He turned in his two week resignation at his part time job, and will have a lot more free time this fall to bike, try new recipes and finish projects around the house. (Like finish staining the deck; a project that began last October and we never got around to finishing!)

My summer internship doing international tax at a large multinational here in St. Louis has been great. I have learned so much about tax, working full time, myself, and the world in just three short months. I have also grown to appreciate the freedom and flexibility that I get at school. I have loved my internship, but I am glad I have two more years to be a student and to be somewhat free to travel, to explore, and to grow. I know that I have matured a lot and will be ready to take on an office job when I get out of school. But students really do have the good life in so many ways and I am fortunate to have the ability and the means to continue my education.

Part of that flexibility means travelling. Jonathan and I are taking a week long trip to Disney World to cap off the summer! I plan on going to Sweden for Christmas, and am hoping that I can convince at least my mom (possibly also my dad) to come with me! My sister will be studying abroad in Sweden until the end of January, and I would love to see her and to see Sweden. I know it will be crazy cold, but I’ve heard it will also be quite festive! Finally, Jonathan and I are planning to go to Boston to meet our new niece or nephew in May!

Several of our friends and family members are expecting! I am so excited for all of the beautiful children that will be brought into our lives. I will be an aunt for the fifth time, and my parents are going to be grandparents! It is hard to imagine my parents being grandparents! It is such a joy-filled time in our lives to see our friends taking this next step and embarking on the journey of parenthood.

Speaking of family and friends, we have had such a great summer with so many visitors. I reconnected with a good friend from college and she came out to visit me right as summer started! We had a great time and I hope to visit her back! Jonathan’s sisters each came through here with their families, and his little brother visited with us for a week. My parents visited at the beginning of summer, and just recently my older sister visited. I also drove down to Cape Girardeau to meet one of my bridesmaids halfway between myself in St. Louis and her home in Memphis. It was a short but wonderful visit!

And that has been our summer! We have furniture being delivered tonight and people coming over for dinner this evening. So I better end this entry now and get busy!


2 Responses to “Summer is turning to fall”

  1. Monika August 8, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    Congratulations to your sister, your parents, and you!! So exciting to be an aunt again, grandparents and parents for the first time. :D. When is she due?

    Sweden sounds so fun too! Tell me if you see lots of our new car there 😉 I think I read that the V70 is the best selling car in Sweden.

  2. Shannon August 9, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    It was great fun coming to visit, and it was disappointing the weather was miserable, yes, but it was a good thing because then you and I got to relax and I think we both needed it after crazy semesters. A new habit I have is to take off as soon as finals are done and just get away from it all.

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