Let the summer of fun commence!

8 May

First, thanks, Jonathan, for posting those car pictures! I was very busy studying for exams and finishing up school projects.

I finished my last exam Thursday night around 8 p.m., and came home to a very messy house, a very sweet husband, and a very relaxing feeling. Jonathan took me over to Applebee’s for a celebratory “You-finished!” dinner. It was great.

We’ve got some really busy weekends coming up. Next weekend, Shannon, a friend of mine from USC, is coming to visit! I’m incredibly excited as I haven’t seen her in two years! I can’t wait to show her around St. Louis and hang out! The weekend after that, my parents are visiting, and the weekend after that I am either going to South Carolina to see my grandmother, or to Oklahoma to see Jonathan’s sisters and their families.

And I start my job in a little over a week, so that is exciting as well.

We have a lot of fun events to look forward to this summer, too. We’ve got tickets to see Wicked in July, an anniversary coming up, a trip to West Virginia/Ohio in June, a girl’s night at a jewelry-making class in June, and hopefully some camping or a lake trip at some point as well!

I’ve taken this next week off. No school and no work, so I can just relax a bit! I want to get our house back in order, and start sorting out stuff that we don’t need any longer to see in the city-wide garage sale.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this summer!


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